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WE have learnt that intuition and practice are necessities in the art of fortune-telling by cards, now that this art has lost its scientific principles (Astronomy) and launched into empiricism. Having made this reserve in our opinion of its present value, we have studied the best method of applying the Tarot to this curious practice, and with this object we have learnt the meaning of the minor and major arcana, and the best arrangement of the cards for reading them. With this method, which is chiefly the result of our previous studies, we were anxious to give one of the most ancient systems, and chose the one used by Etteila, the founder of Cartomancy.

Our readers are therefore able to choose whichever system they prefer, and whichever they find most successful. We must repeat that intuition is the great secret of all these divining arts, and that fortune-telling by cards, in water, in earth, or coffee, is precisely the same thing.

We wished to speak of the modern divining Tarot to render our work more complete, and our lady readers will thank us for not ignoring them in these abstract digressions.

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