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The Sun

The Sun card line art has an obvious glitch which appears in both the Pamela A and US Games decks. This is an additional wavy line just to the right of the Roman numeral XIX at the top of the card. This is a sure sign that the two decks are essentially identical. If the US Games deck was redrawn, this superfluous line would have raised the eyebrows of any competent artist.

There is one difference in the line art on this card: note the break in the Sun's left eyebrow in Pamela A--the left eyebrow line is solid in the USGS deck. Whether this was introduced deliberately is up for speculation.

It is worth taking a close look at some of the shading in the Pamela A Sun card, particularly on the horse and the flag. This is washed-out in the US Games version; there is a much better sense of depth in Pamela-A. There also appear to be subtle variations in the skin tone of the baby which are completely lost in the USGS version; again, this appears to be the case on many of the other cards.

Pamela A (1909)

US Games (1970)

courtesy of H. Voley