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Chapter XII

1. THE rites of the resurrection were completed, the whole of which would make a book, were the words written down; and as for the music, for which there were five hundred thousand singers and players, scarce a conception of it can be given to mortals. And when the light of the throne of God broke away a little, God announced six hours' recreation; whereupon, all the angels of Gau and of the etherean heavens, mingled together joyfully.

p. 125

2. And after this (for, behold, the end of the dawn of dan had come), Apollo, mightiest of all, rose up, and waved his hand in the sign, IN JEHOVIH'S NAME, and stood aside from the throne of God. After Apollo, Cim'iad rose up, and gave the same sign; followed by Phaeja. And when these three stood aside, high raised, on the floor of the throne, so that all the assembled millions could see them, so hushed were all things, like as if Time had come to an end.

3. Then filed in front the ten thousand Lords and Lordesses, they who had once been false Gods and false Lords, and, of the ancient times, arrayed in such gorgeous attire; now robed in plain white, and without ornaments.

4. The marshals opened the arches of the adavaysit, but yet not a soul moved from his or her place.

5. Then great Apollo, and Cim'iad, and Phaeja, came down and sat at the foot of the throne, more loved than all the Gods who had as yet visited the earth and her heavens.

6. God came down from the throne and took Apollo's hand, saying: Arise, O Son of Jehovih, and go thy way. Apollo rose up, himself in tears, and stood aside. God now took the hand of Cim'iad, saying: Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go thy way. Next he raised up the long-tried Phaeja, when lo, both he and God burst into tears, and fell in each other's arms! Phaeja, of few words at most, was last to slack the fond embrace; and then he and great Apollo, and Cim'iad, light of heaven, broke loose and marched forth to the etherean ship of fire. God resumed the throne, blinded by his tears.

7. Now fell the mantles of Jehovih, and His crowns, on the two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms. The awakening Light of the etherean firmament bespoke Jehovih's Awful Presence! The hosts moved with one accord, and presently entered into the adavaysit, amidst a shower of etherean flowers.

8. The marshals signalled, for the dawn was ended. The bright Cim'iad stretched forth her slender hand and arm to Jehovih, saying: By Thy Power, O Father, I command! Arise! Arise! Ad-av-ay-sit! Arise!

9. And the mighty vessel, and the vessel of Apollo, adjoined, arose up from Gau, rocking, rising, and moving to the music of a million trumpeters and singers, joined by the es'enaurs of the lower heavens. Higher and higher rose the etherean fire-ships, turning and rising, passing beyond the vortex of the earth, beyond Chinvat, out into the firmament of etherea, higher and higher, till all was lost in the distance.

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