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Chapter XI

1. CVENTI, marshalless for the hosts of Apollo, with ten thousand marshals and fifty thousand respondents of ceremonies, made ready to receive the hosts of the adavaysits, commanded by Cim'iad, Goddess of Du'e'ghi, in etherea, Goddess of Noad and Rak, in ji'ya, thirty-eight, well known to Apollo, and to Phaeja, God of Norse, long residents of Um, in etherea.

2. Cim'iad was a small woman, dark, and of deep love, most jovial of Goddesses; and had long looked forward with joy to her pleasure of bringing so large a ship to deliver two thousand million of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms into etherean worlds. And so, when the adavaysit was about to land in Gau, Cim'iad looked out from the clusters of central stars, the ornaments of the throne within the ship, to see the hosts who were assembled beneath, and joyously clapped her hands with delight, whereupon she was saluted by Apollo and Phaeja, and by God and his Lords.

3. Presently, the mighty vessel landed and anchored fast; and the ship of Apollo was moved up aside and made fast to the adavaysit. Meantime, Cim'iad came forth out of the ship, and was received in the arms of Cventi, marshalless of Apollo, and then proceeded to the throne of God.

4. All the while, the musicians had been playing and singing; and the music of the lower heaven was thus p. 124 united with the music of the upper heaven.

5. God said: Welcome, O Daughter of Jehovih! Come thou and honor my throne, in His name!

6. Cim'iad said: By the grace and love of Jehovih, am I come, O God! And to thee, O Apollo, most wonderful of earth-born Gods, how can I express my boundless love! And to thee, O Phaeja, long-enduring Son of Jehovih, my soul is as a twin, for the glory of our Everlasting Creator!

7. Behold, I am come in Jehovih's name to wed these two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih!

8. Phaeja said: Thy will and Jehovih's be done! And now they shook hands, as is the custom of Gods and Goddesses, and Cim'iad went and sat on the throne, saluting all the assemblage by making the sign of Jehovih's name with her right hand, which was answered by three thousand million spirits. And now the musicians played and sang the STARS OF JEHOVIH! Meanwhile, the All Light began to descend thick and fast on Cim'iad's head, so brilliant that many could not look thereon.

9. And Jehovih spake through Cim'iad, saying: I blow My breath upon a corporeal world, and man springeth forth into life, the highest of My created lights. In the womb of Mi, I fashion his spirit. When he is shapely and white, I deliver him. I open the heaven of suns, and warm his soul. Brighter than diamonds he cometh forth; male and female come they; as stars for My everlasting worlds. Dressed as Brides and Bridegrooms for My chambers of Light and Love. In My arms shall they be blessed forever; in My mansions rejoice forever.

10. The respondents said (being led by the etherean hosts): I am thy bride (or bridegroom), O Jehovih! My soul findeth love in Thee only, forever!

11. Thou, my Father, O Jehovih! I come to Thee to abide forever!

12. From Mi, my mother, the earth, who conceived me, I rise me up and go, forever.

13. All praise to Thee, O Jehovih! And to thee, O God of earth and heaven! And to ye, O Lords of the earth, praise forever!

14. Thy Lords, O Jehovih, raised me up. How can I render them joy for my stubbornness of heart! And Thy God, for my second resurrection.

15. How hast Thou made us brothers and sisters, O Jehovih! And given to me a higher world to abide in, forever!

16. O, Joy of my soul! To Thee am I beholden, O Father, Everlasting Creator!

17. Jehovih said: Behold Me, O Brides and Bridegrooms! I am the All that is Within All, and Over All. Members of My body are all things under the sun, seen and unseen, boundless, forever! I give them to you for your inheritance, forever!

18. Response: Who can give like unto Thee, O Jehovih! Not only gavest Thou myself, but sent Thy Gods and Lords to me to teach me how to live to enjoy Thy Fullness, forever!

19. I will rise to Thy immortal kingdoms, and learn the mysteries of Thy glory and wisdom, O Jehovih! And when I am strong, I will go forth to them who are beneath me, and raise them up, to rejoice, forever!

20. Jehovih said: Laborers with Me; helpmates and companions, forever! With ye I wed, from everlasting to everlasting.

21. Response: With Thee we wed, helpmates, forever! In the glory of Thy worlds, without end!

22. Jehovih said: Mine are All Harmony; All Symmetry; All Love; and will endure forever!

23. Response: When I was in darkness, I fed on hate, and anger, and war, and lust. But Thou hast taught me harmony, and symmetry, and love, and I shall indulge in them forever!

24. Jehovih said: Receive ye, My mantles and My crowns, O My beloved! The darkness is come and gone; the rain is dried up, and My flowers are blooming for you, My beloved!

25. Response: Glory be to Thee, My Creator and Preserver! All hail to Thy Wondrous Works, O Jehovih! In all my giving I cannot attain to Thee, forever! Thy Crown shall shine in my behavior, world without end! Amen! Amen! Amen!

26. Jehovih, Thou art mine, forever! Amen!

27. I am Thine, O Jehovih, forever! Amen! Amen!

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