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Chapter VIII

1. APOLLO, Son of Jehovih, said: In Jehovih's name speak I, Apollo, God of etherea. Hear me, O ye Gods and Lords; the power of the Father resteth in my soul; my words are of All Wisdom. Think of this great matter: The growth of love! As a man loveth his city and his country, what think ye Apollo hath forgotten? Have I not told it in etherea? I sprang from the red star, the earth!

2. Wherefore shall I not take pride before Jehovih? And hold up my head in etherea, where I have neighbors that sprang from other stars. Shall a man forget his love because he is a God? Nay, verily. When I was mortal, I loved my neighbors; when I entered the second resurrection, in atmospherea, I loved all the people of the earth; and when I rose to etherea, my love expanded to a thousand worlds. But, of all places, how can I make the earth and her heaven second in the love of my soul?

3. As a mother inventeth diversions and employment for her children, shall I not gather fruit from Jehovih's repositories to feed the atmospherean heavens? I came, and found ye in a dark forest, with briars and thorns; but, behold, now, O ye Gods and Lords! The lower heaven hath become a paradise.

4. Let me recall the philosophies I have overthrown: The false Gods and false Lords said: It is well that there be war and destruction in heaven; otherwise, it would soon be too full! For they saw not the higher heavens; their arguments were framed in a dark corner. And, because of their evil inspiration, they gave mortals the same philosophy, saying: War is justifiable, lest the earth become too full. For these dark angels shut out from mortals the higher light of Faith in Jehovih. Justifying themselves in war, and the slaying of whom Jehovih had created alive; by their behavior, thrusting condemnation in Jehovih's face for what Jehovih had done!

5. Neither knew these mortal philosophers that they were under the inspiration of spirits of darkness; nor would they wait till the earth was full of people, to prove whether their philosophy was true or false.

6. For, as ye of heaven were given to deeds of darkness, your kingdoms reacted on earth, making Druks out of men and women. From which have all these heavens turned from evil p. 121 ways, and become as stars of glory in Jehovih's universe.

7. Think not that only great thunders and terrible stratagems can govern heaven and earth righteously; for, as one man, in an army, may cause a panic; or one brave man's upraised hand lead a nation on to victory, so can ye, O Gods and Lords, by wisdom, in the smallest of Jehovih's plans, rule over heaven and earth, for the glory of His everlasting kingdoms.

8. That which I declare unto you, go ye and declare throughout heaven; for the fruit of your teaching shall enrich the earth people, through their guardian spirits; and they shall, likewise, go about preaching amongst themselves.

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