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Chapter VI

1. JEHOVIH spake in the light of the throne of Gau, saying: My Son, thou has set the temples of earth wisely, and thy ten thousand Lords have the voice of thy Creator. But, behold, this dawn of dan hath but five years and two hundred days. The five years are already gone. Call together thy etherean hosts, and they shall report to thee who shall be the successors to thee and thy Lords. I answered, saying: Thy will be done, O Father!

2. So I sent messengers around about the world repeating what Jehovih had commanded. And I added also: When the time of dan is completed, behold, my hosts shall assemble in Gau, from whence we shall ascend to our etherean worlds. Let my messengers invite all the people in all the kingdoms of atmospherea to be present. And these things were done.

3. Now, of the ten thousand kingdoms of the Lords of heaven and earth of that day, many of them held their places within the corporeal temples of worship, having spiritual thrones within them, where the hosts of angels assembled to counsel on the affairs of mortals, and to advise with them through the prophets and seers.

4. Neither was there a temple in all the world for consulting the spirits and Gods but what was usurped by my etherean hosts. So that when kings or queens came to consult the oracle on matters of war or personal aggrandizement, my hosts answered them not to their own profit, but with the voice of Jehovih.

5. So it turned out, that when the chief false Gods and false Lords were driven out of the corporeal temples, they lost interest in mortal affairs. And I classified them and made new kingdoms in the lower heaven for them, forming them into confederacies. And they, too, became earnest workers to establish themselves in harmony, symmetry and music. And at the end of the time of hi'dan there was not one false God nor false Lord in atmospherea.

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