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Chapter IV

1. HEAR me, O man, and angels; from my words learn to be wise and deep perceiving. He who standeth in darkness, seeth not; the time of Jehovih, none can comprehend. In the Light should be the delight of all men. But who practiseth to his highest knowledge? Before my days, time was no nearer the beginning of the universe than now. There were men who believed that with death all would be ended to every man; and Jehovih sent angels to prove them in their folly; and though they saw them, and talked with them face to face, many would not believe.

2. And in the lower heaven they were the same; they would not believe in a higher heaven. And though ethereans came to them to prove them in their folly, and talked with them face to face, yet many would not believe.

3. I searched the disbelievers, to understand their souls; and I found p. 117a they were begotten in inharmony. They prided themselves in their wisdom; but that that they called wisdom was as a serpent in the soul.

4. Jehovih spake to me, saying: Hear thy Creator, O My Son: In atmospherea thou shalt appoint ten thousand Lords, with ten thousand kingdoms; and the earth and the inhabitants thereof shall be divided between them.

5. And thou shalt build a new kingdom in heaven, and call it Gau, 1 and it shall be thy judgment seat, with a Council of one hundred thousand men and women.

6. And all thy Lords shall be called Apollo! And they shall inspire men to make images of stone and wood. And the images shall have short arms and long legs; and nails instead of claws on the fingers, and well-formed mouths, with shape for motion of the cheeks.

7. And thy Lords shall find the loo'is who have been preparing these matters by birth; and the loo'is shall lead the angels around about amongst mortals, finding the most comely-formed men and women and young children. And when they have thus chosen them, they shall report the matter to the Lords, and they shall send ethereans to those mortals who are selected, and they shall be quickened by signs and miracles.

8. And it shall be proven before all the nations of the earth, and their kings and queens and governors, that the comeliness of the forms are pleasant in My sight, wherefore I come to them. And those who are thus selected shall sing and dance by entrancement; so that kings and queens shall be overcome by the achievements. And those that dance shall be made to float in the air, and sail about in the dance.

9. For I will turn the judgment of man to beautify himself; and, in so doing, he shall learn to perceive beauty and harmony in My works.


117a:1 Gau is also mentioned in the Vedic scriptures as the home of the God, Sughdha.

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