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Chapter III

1. I, Apollo, Jehovih's Son, proclaim an age when man on earth considered not harmony, nor symmetry, nor music, as Gods!

2. And Jehovih's voice came to me in the etherean firmament, and place of Pti'mus, saying:

3. Apollo, My Son, thou God of Su'ad, God of Don'ga, God of Tah, behold the red star, the earth, she cometh through thy dominions. Go thou to her with thy hosts, a sufficient number, and give her a new God, and call his name Apollo.

4. Behold, neither men nor angels on the red star comprehend the harmony of My works; and because of their own inharmony they deny Me, being blind to My Person. Go thou, My Son, and make them idolators of harmony, symmetry and music, for a long season, that they may become organically attuned from the time of their birth upward.

5. I said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih. And I called together a hundred millions of Thy sons and daughters, and told them what Thou hadst said. With one accord, they said: We have examined the red star since the time of Wan, and we perceive truly, the time hath come for thy labor, O Apollo.

6. I said: Send an oniy'yah to the heaven of the earth and deliver her God and Lords and all persons capable of the second resurrection. And say ye to God and his Lords: Thus saith Apollo, Son of Jehovih, and God of three etherean worlds: Greeting in the name of the Father, and love unto you all. For your glorious work I have assigned seven Teres and Don'ga. Thither gather ye your hosts, where is prepared a place of rest and comfort. The earth and her heaven shall be left in darkness for thirty of her days, having neither God nor Lords.

7. So my legions departed for the earth in an etherean ship of fire, led by Tu'ain, Goddess of Proe'king, a place of great learning in the etherean mountains of Horatanad; and they delivered according to my decrees, and the earth was without a God and Lords for thirty days.

8. And the voice of Jehovih came to me again, saying: Hear thy Creator, O My Son, thou that sprangest from the land long since submerged, who has spanned many of My worlds, behold, the legions of Sue and his mighty resurrections are still preserved to p. 115a mortals and angels earth-bound: Of the Gods and Goddesses who danced and sang before men; and of the uneven match betwixt spirits and Gods.

9. Profiting in this, the people of the red star have become rich in rites and ceremonies, and preferring the swift-footed to the slow, the nimble to the clumsy, the loo'is have well laid out the road to thy success.

10. So, I perceived beforehand how I should proceed when I landed in the lower heaven and her earth.

11. When the time came, I departed, still remembering my native star with well treasured pride. And that all things should express the labor Jehovih put upon me, my oniy'yah excelled in beauty all other etherean vessels that had ever descended to the earth.

12. How shall I comprehend Thy magnitude, O Jehovih? What is the journey of a God before Thee? We build a ship for a hundred millions, and are vain of its size and beauty; but when we launch out into Thy etherean realms, we fain would hide our faces in shame of our vanity. We sail through a thousand of Thy crystal worlds and talk of great distances, but the mirror of Thy boundless creation lieth still before us. We recall the red star, our native home, a single gem amidst the countless millions Thou hast cast into the universe, and we are speechless because of Thy Awful Extent.

13. Wherein hast Thou not excelled Thyself, O Jehovih! In one moment, we behold Thy Vastness; in another, Thy Microscopic Hand in the smallest ethe'ic wave, and in the spear of grass down on the swift corporeal stars. We applaud Thee for Thy handiwork, and yet ere our thoughts have overrun the smallest part, Thou turnest our eyes inward to the soul of things, an endless wonder.

14. How shall I comprehend Thy designs, O Jehovih? Thou drivest me back to the time Thy angels came and stood man upright, saying: Be thou a man; and be thou a woman! But they would not.

15. Again and again, Thy pitying hand stood them up, and Thy voice came, saying: Talk, O man! Come, thou shalt help to perfect thyself. But man was slow in perceiving wisdom; that which came to his flesh he loved.

16. I remember the earth, O Father! Men and women with long hair hanging down; and hands with claw nails, fierce and war-like. And hair in tufts and short-curled. Whose eyes were drawn down like a lion's, and mouth wide and falling open, like a dog that is tired.

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17. Therefore Thou hast called me, O Jehovih; and I perceive Thy double purpose: For a man left alone would select and mate, and evolve to terrible war! And Thou storest here an idol to unfit him for cruel deeds.

18. So, from Thy etherean realms, wherein for fifty thousand years Thy Gods and Goddesses had trained me to comprehend the discipline of Thy created heavens, I came, descending, down, down to the red star, where Thou first quickened me into being, that I might fulfill Thy mandates.

19. Thy hand took me up, Thy hand sent me down; I had learned not to fear; the tree of faith had grown in me; I knew the secret of All Power. As a mortal goeth into a dark cavern, where the air is damp and unacceptable to the nose, so came my hosts, O Jehovih, out of etherea into the vortex of the earth, the dull atmosphere.

20. Thy voice came to me, saying: Go around the earth with thy oniy'yah, My Son. Stir up the atmosphereans; they that know no higher heaven. Behold, they have mutinied against My God and Lords; have rejected My proffered wisdom. Their delight is in war and the deeds of mortals. As men on earth gather round to witness beasts in battle, so gather these countless millions of spirits to witness kingdoms of mortals in war, and fire, and plunder. And by their presence urge men to cruelty and cunning horrors.

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