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Chapter V

1. AFTER this manner were the words of the initiation, led by the etherean hosts, to wit:

2. God on the throne said: O E-o-ih (Jehovih)! Almighty! Boundless!

3. Response: How shall I comprehend Thee, Thou Mighty One?

4. God: Thou Higher than All Gods and Lords!

5. Response: Who movest the universe, with power unlimited!

6. God: Creator and Controller of the corporeal worlds!

7. Response: In Whose hands the etherean firmament is like a fruitful garden, wider than the boundaries of time!

8. God: Whose members are All Space!

9. Response: Whose members are the All that is within place, beyond measure!

10. God: Thou, O E-o-ih! Thou Fountain and Terminus of all things!

11. Response: E-o-ih! E-o-ih! Of Whom all things are but parts, attuned to Thy will!

12. God: Thou All Person, O E-o-ih! Incomprehensible!

13. Response: Who speakest in the Light! Whose voice is the progress of the universe!

14. God: E-o-ih! Thou All Giver! By giving, Createth!

15. Response: What are Thy secrets, O Mighty One? O E-o-ih, Everlasting, and Greater than Magnitude!

16. God: I see nothing in all the universe but Thee! All selfs are but fractions of Thyself, O E-o-ih!

17. Response: Who hath not beholden Thee, O E-o-ih? Thy Person is in the east and west and north and south! Below and above; far and near.

18. God: Who hath not heard Thy voice? Who hath not found Thy hand, that pusheth him along?

19. Response: Without Thee, O E-o-ih, I go not; I move not. I set out to do things of myself, and fail utterly.

20. God: What is man before Thee, O E-o-ih? He setteth up a kingdom, and it falleth as a house of straw.

21. Response: O E-o-ih, how I have wasted my time! My buildings were lighter than chaff! My virtues were but bubbles, and they are bursted and gone!

22. God: When will man learn to attune himself to Thee, O E-o-ih?

23. Response: How can I put away myself, O E-o-ih? Have I not said: I cannot put away mine own judgment?

24. God: Man saith: I will not put away my judgment! and lo, therein doeth he it!

25. Response: Have I not said: To protect myself is the first law, and to preserve mine own the highest law?

26. God: Man assumeth to protect himself, because he is without faith in Thee, O E-o-ih! And to preserve his own, which, in fact, is not his.

27. And here the Light fell upon the throne, and Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

28. I have called thee, O man, from thy youth up! My voice hath never ceased in thine ear. Who can come into life without Me? Who can measure his own footsteps? Behold, he treadeth on My ground. Of all that he is made, the substance is Mine.

29. The kingdoms of the earth and the kingdoms of Gods and Lords in heaven, what are they more than imitations of My works? Wherein they imitate Me well, I am with them in wisdom, love and power. Shall a man butt his head against a wall to prove he is greater than his Creator? Behold, I came in the ancient days, saying: Strive to become one with Me, and thou shalt rejoice that I created thee. Strive to set up for thyself, and thy vanity shall in time pierce thee as a two-edged sword.

30. Hear the love of thy Creator, O man! For I made thee with fondness for thy sons and daughters. Of love like Mine Own I gave thee a part. And as thou sendest to thy wayward son, beseeching him to return to thee, so do I bring My messengers from higher worlds to call thee. And, that thou mayst not mistake their higher place, I give them power and wisdom surpassing thee.

31. The voice ceased, and then the initiates said:

32. Henceforth I will serve only Thee, O E-o-ih! Nor will I more think what shall become of me. For I know Thou wilt appropriate me wisely, O E-o-ih!

33. Accordingly, as the stone is hewn and polished, so wilt Thou put it in the walls of Thy house.

p. 107

34. My labor is to hew and polish and perfect mine own soul forever!

35. My soul shall become as a shining star.

36. My love like Thy etherean angels.

37. And plain my raiment, and clean, forever!

38. Nor more will I boast, nor speak untruth, forever!

39. Nor sloth attain me.

40. Nor vanity, nor self; nor will I talk of myself.

41. Nor criticise my brethren, nor my neighbors, for they are Thine, O E-o-ih!

42. To do righteous works and lift up my fellows shall be my labor henceforth, forever!

43. Make me strong in Thee, O E-o-h!

44. And wise to do Thy will forever. Amen!

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