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Chapter II

1. THE Lord said: A wise physician amputateth a diseased limb and so preserveth the trunk to become healed.

2. Saw I not the rankness of the tribes of darkness, the Druks; and that the proceedings of man would render the earth void?

p. 77b

3. What is all the world if it bring not forth heirs unto everlasting life?

4. Behold, I saw that my chosen had become exterminated, and on all the divisions of the earth save Pan. And I saw that they who had been their destroyers had in turn nearly exterminated one another.

5. And I saw that to bring the remnants of my people hither, they could again re-establish themselves and become the seed of a mighty people.

6. But, as for the land of Whaga (Pan), it was already in the throes of death. And the Druks had become as a festering sore; and the spirits of the dead, tens of thousands of millions of them, would not quit their hold on mortals whilst life was on the earth.

7. And I sent my angels around about the whole earth, and gathered in the spirits of darkness; gathered them unto the land of Whaga.

8. And when my work was in readiness I raised up my hand, as a surgeon that would lop off a diseased limb, and I cleft asunder the continent of Pan and sunk it beneath the waters.

9. And my angels conducted my chosen out of that land, and not one of them perished.

10. I said unto the guardian angels whom I had given to man: In the lands whither I will take my people, let them build mounds and walled cities, with ladders to enter, after the manner of the ancients. In all the divisions of the earth, alike and like shall they build.

11. For in the time of kosmon their relics shall be testimony that the I'hin forerun the I'huan, the copper-colored, race in all the world.

12. So also will I, the Lord, provide in the kosmon era to discover the sunken land of Whaga, that mortals may comprehend the magnitude of the work of the Lord.

13. In those days the I'hins dwelt not alone, but in cities and villages; and they were clothed. And they tilled the ground and brought forth grains and seeds good to eat; and flax and hemp, from which to make cloth for covering the body. And their food was of every herb and root, and grain and seed, and fruit that cometh of the earth; but they ate not flesh nor fish, nor of anything that breathed the breath of life.

14. They toiled by day, bringing p. 78b within their cities the fruit of their labor; and they slept within their cities, and on mounds, at night, that they might not be molested by beasts of prey and by serpents.

15. And every city had one rab'bah (head father), who knew the way of the Lord; by the rab'bah were the altars of the Lord built, and the times of the sacred days foretold.

16. And the rab'bah made records in writing on stone; the which they taught to their successors, and to whomsoever desired to learn of the Lord.

17. And the Lord abode with them; and they kept the commandments and multiplied exceedingly in all the divisions of the world.

18. Nor was there any war in any land under the sun in those days.

19. In three thousand years thereafter, behold, there were thousands of cities and hundred of thousands of inhabitants who had spread abroad over the lands of the earth.

20. And they had built ships and sailed abroad on the seas, and inhabited the islands thereof, north and south and east and west.

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