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Chapter XVII

1. NOW was the atmospherea like a new heaven stripped of visitors, and ready to resume labor after a glorious festival. So God at once dispatched all hands to their places, and the factories, schools and colleges, nurseries and hospitals, were once more alive with willing workers.

2. And Hored prospered in every department; and so also did the departments of the Lords on earth; and mortals also prospered under the light of the Great Spirit.

3. For four hundred years God reigned in heaven, and his Lords under him, and the second dan of Aph fell upon earth and heaven. So God appointed AN'ON as his successor. And now Aph and his attendants came to deliver God; his Lords and people prepared for their resurrection up into etherea.

4. And the number of Jehovih's harvest was one thousand million souls.

5. And God (An'on) reigned his time, and his Lords under him, and they were also delivered by Aph, but by proxy, and the harvest of Jehovih was eight hundred million souls.

6. And his successor, God of Hored and atmospherea, and his Lords, fulfilled their dan, and they and their harvests were delivered by the proxy of Aph also; and the number of souls delivered was six hundred million. And Jehovih commanded Aph to commit atmospherea and the earth to the successors of Ra'zan of Garowista, in Ems of the etherean phalanx of eighty Ar'doth.

7. And the next harvest of God and his Lords was two hundred million souls. After that the earth passed into the a'ji of Urk'stand for eight hundred years, and the light of the upper heaven was lost to earth and atmospherea; so there was no harvest for the etherean realms. And because of the darkness in atmospherea it began to fall in hada; and the seven entities of tetracts took root in Hored, and overspread the dominions of God and his Lords. And many in heaven rose up, and, proclaiming themselves Gods or Lords, obtained followers, some to the extent of three millions of souls.

8. And these false Gods made slaves of their followers, exacting service, and in lieu giving pitiful homes and regimen; and by the labor of their slaves embellishing their mansions and cities in hada.

9. Jehovih had said of old: Before mortals I keep death forever present that they may not forget the change from corporeal to spirit life; otherwise they would dispute it possible in My hands for these things to be. But My resurrections in heaven are far apart, and the inhabitants thereof lose faith in those above them. Through faith is all power and glory attained; therefore have I exacted that angels cultivate faith in the next resurrection.

10. But during the last thousand years in atmospherea, there being no resurrections to etherea, many fell into disbelief of the emancipated heavens, and so sat about, building up heavenly kingdoms on their own account, and for their own glory. And in order to have exalted kingdoms they sent their slaves back to mortals to inspire them with the glory of their false God's kingdoms, that others in turn might become slaves also.

11. So confusion began in heaven again, and it reacted on mortals, through the angels' presence, and war and misery overspread the nations and tribes of men on earth. Thus ended the cycle of Aph's arc of Noe, which was three thousand six hundred years.


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