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Chapter XII

1. THE voice of Jehovih spake through God, saying: Because a new heaven is established, and because the old hath been raised up, let signs be manifested, whereby men and angels in after times may know what hath happened. For it shall come to pass in later days that men and angels may forget the flood and the purging of the earth. Bethink ye, O Gods and Goddesses, what shall be done?

2. Eolait spoke in behalf of the Council, saying: What shall we do, O Jehovih? And Jehovih answered, saying: Because I come near the earth in its early days, and farther off as it groweth older, men will say: Alas, the folly of the ancients! For I gave fear and faith as an heritage when men were weak in judgment; but, with the growth of wisdom, I take away fear and the substance of things not proven to the judgment.

3. Jehovih said: In kosmon, men and angels shall ask for proofs. One will say: How is it possible to relate the words spoken in the olden times? Another will say: How can it be proven that the old heaven was taken away?

4. Hear, therefore, the words of your Creator; and when one saith: p. 90 Behold, in those days few men had the gift of words and speech, answer ye him, saying: Even so was it in heaven, and because they had not words, they could not be made to understand.

5. And another shall say: The Creator ruleth in large matters, but not in the small; and another shall say: Because the angels come in kosmon, so could they in the olden time. And ye shall answer them, saying: Who knoweth the plan for an earthquake, whether it be small or large before Jehovih? Is He not ever present? and do not certain conditions bring certain results? And they will answer: Yea.

6. Say ye: Give, then, a name to the Highest Cause beyond all research; and they will say: By the ancients called Jehovih. And they shall perceive that they have entangled themselves in a net. For if the condition of ignorance on earth begot ignorance in heaven, how could the light of heaven come afterward to the earth save from above? Since, then, the light of heaven came from above, who should invent the wisdom of a flood to come upon the speech of nations?

7. Give them, therefore, words in heaven and words on earth which are of matters of this nature, and make the sounds thereof sacred, so that it shall be proven in Jaffeth and Shem, and Ham, and Guatama, and in the heavens thereunto belonging. The voice of Jehovih ceased.

8. God said: Thou art All Wisdom, O Jehovih! Now have I a place for the new volunteers come from etherea. For this shall be their matter and business with the familiars who dwell with the barbarians. So, accordingly, were they allotted. And they were enjoined to sing to mortals the song of the flood; and they thus established its history to endure forever on earth.

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