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Chapter XI

1. THE Council of Hored being still in session, God, that is, Eolait, ascended the throne. And the light of p. 89 Jehovih fell upon God, so that he was well nigh obscured from sight, and the voice of Jehovih spake, saying:

2. Hear ye My voice; as by My Presence and of Mine Own Self I made each self, and gave thereto power of words, so am I in Light manifest by soul words to My etherean hosts. As to the Lords of earth, ye have provided ashars, and above them asaphs, and betwixt all My kingdoms allotted messengers, so shall ye also provide for barbarians, familiar spirits, who shall be subject to the order of the ashars and their Lords.

3. I create alive all men, whether I'hins or barbarians, and your labor shall be not alone with My chosen, whom it is easy to save, but with those also who know Me not, and know not My es worlds. For, beside those destroyed by the flood, behold the earth is still covered over with men, women and children.

4. In the time of Aph ye received volunteers from Osi, in etherea; give them this matter in hand.

5. This was done, and they were divided up into groups, and the corporeans having been already numbered by the angels of heaven, the ethereans were distributed accordingly. And these again selected and apportioned familiar spirits to abide with the barbarians. And these familiar spirits were the fathers and mothers and friends who had recently died, but still sojourned in the first resurrection. So the officers provided places on earth for these spirits, and persuaded them to reappear before mortals in order to prove continued life; but the officers never showed themselves.

6. Jehovih hath said: Provide ye the way, but cause the familiars to do the labor. Neither shall ye make a familiar of the spirit of a young man or a young woman, lest they become fetals.

7. So it came to pass that a new department of heaven and earth was opened and set on foot during the absence of Neph, and in one year the matter was in prosperity.

8. At the end of one year God returned from the Hautuon Colony, bringing with him five millions of volunteers, being of the third resurrection. And, it being known in Hored when he would return, a great concourse of angels gathered together to receive him in honor, and to welcome the volunteers.

9. So that, when God's etherean star descended, the Vice-God, Eolait, proclaimed a recreation of ten days, which was to follow immediately after God should ascend the throne and regain his presence. And so, whilst the es'enaurs were singing, the star alighted, and the marshals and hosts of honor proceeded to the places, and received God, who at once ascended to the throne and saluted Eolait, Son of Jehovih, saying:

10. By Thy Will and Power, O Jehovih, Thy Son rejoiceth in the time of this proceeding. Eolait said: Welcome, God of heaven and earth. And he saluted with the sign of Jehovih's name, and was answered in like manner.

11. Without more ceremony, he took off the triangle of the Gods and placed it on God's neck, saying: In Jehovih's name, receive thou the gift of the ancient Gods.

12. Hardly had this been accomplished when the ship-star alighted in the floor of the Congress, before the Council, and near the altar of Jehovih; and the five millions of volunteers alighted, amidst the applause of the many millions assembled.

13. God, being reinstated, said: Let the marshals proclaim ten days of recreation. For we shall account to our especial loves how we found matters in Hautuon, and of the power of Jehovih manifested.

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