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Chapter X

1. JEHOVIH said: Neph, My Son, God of earth, hear thou the voice of Thy Creator. For as thou calledst on Me in thy sore hour of trial, so did I come to thee and deliver the earth and heaven through My son of the arc of Noe, in etherea. Remember now the upraised of Hautuon, heaven of darkness, in Uk'loo, in the firmament, for they are thine until the next dan appeareth on the earth.

2. God said: I have heard Thy voice, O Jehovih; but what shall Thy servant do? Behold Aph, Thy Arc-Son, hath left with the upraised children of darkness, Gods and Goddesses who transcend Thy servant so far in wisdom and power that he scarce can look upon them. How, then, shall it be with me, Thy servant?

3. Jehovih said: Nevertheless, the upraised children of darkness are thine own family, and the glory of thy house in heaven shall be the light thou shalt make manifest in them. Fear not, the Gods and Goddesses understand this matter.

4. Therefore, when thou hast put thy kingdom in order, and established the heaven of the earth in all its parts, and stationed messengers betwixt thy throne and the thrones of thy Lords on the earth, behold, thou shalt leave thy Vice-God to rule in thy stead for a season, and thou shalt go to Hautuon, in the etherean forests, for thou shalt be expected of them.

5. God said: Thy will be done, O Father. I perceive Thy wisdom and glory and justice. Now will I sojourn on my throne one year, and thou, my Vice-God, shalt relieve me whilst I go and visit my rebellious children in Uk'loo, where Gods and Goddesses are overseeing them.

6. The Vice-God said: Thy will be done, God of heaven and earth. So it came to pass that in one year's time God had established heaven in such good manner that he could control the affairs of angels and men into the way of everlasting life.

7. God informed his Council, which consisted of five hundred thousand ethereans, men and women, of the words of Jehovih, adding thereunto:

8. And for one year will I remain in p. 88 Hautuon, that I may become known to them whom I have risen. But at the end of that time I will return hither, and bring with me such new volunteers as Jehovih may command.

9. It was known in heaven that God would leave at the proper time; and, to honor him in Jehovih's name, his hosts from far and near, to the number of ten millions, came to see him depart. And when God saw them, he proclaimed a day of recreation; and the people mingled together, and especially to re-converse on the matter of the deliverance of earth and heaven and the going down of Pan, as it had been.

10. On the following day, all hands being refreshed and assembled in order, according to the discipline of Gods, God spake from the throne, saying:

11. Hear the words of your God, and rejoice in the founding of a new heaven. Be wise in heeding that which I shall utter, and make yourselves steadfast in all proven things. Here are millions who stood by my side in the name of the Creator, in the days of darkness in heaven and earth. For three thousand years our battle lasted; and from out of the darkness behold our prayers went up to Him who is over all and above all.

12. And your God said: Surely Jehovih will deliver, when the vortex merges into Hi'dan; and ye all repeated the same thing; and the unity of our souls' desire reached up to the Orian Chiefs, Jehovih's mighty Sons and Daughters.

13. For as it is proven that a man in conflict with himself accomplisheth nothing, whilst he who is in harmony with himself is mighty wherein he ruleth himself to a good purpose; even so hath it been proven that the unity of many angels can, by force of their own wills, control the place and proceedings of a world. And by your faith in this matter with your God, ye became a star of faith in Jehovih, which is the mastering of all things to His glory.

14. And they who were without an All Highest in Person, were without power, and of no effect, save to build up discord to our proceedings. Whilst those who assumed to be Gods and Lords, but ignored Jehovih, were not sustained, for having nothing higher than themselves, they rose only to themselves.

15. Which is manifested on earth, even as it was in those days in heaven; boasting of good works or of good prayers, but housing themselves about with the earnings of others. Did not these false Gods and false Lords set up self and worship it; and the fruits of their inspiration, and their slaves under them, were the angels they sent to rule over mortals, for the glory of their philosophy, wherein mortals also soon said the same things of themselves, which was: Behold, there is no God nor Lord of wisdom in heaven and earth.

16. Whereby the doctrines of the false Gods and Lords overturned even their own kingdoms, changing heaven into hada. But when the Light of Jehovih came, ye and your God and Lords were one with His voice. Wherefore ye have been preserved in victory. And now hath it come to pass that your God and Lords have established a new heaven and new earth for the glory of the Father. And he who labored so long in your love, now goeth to the other wing of the battle, where your brethren, toiling with those in darkness, will rejoice to hear of your fruitful labors.

17. Then God turned to his right, and said to Eolait, Vice-God of Jehovih: Because thou wert robbed of thy division of the earth, even whilst thou wert in good work, Jehovih hath bestowed thee well. Thou shalt, therefore, hold the triangle of the Gods of heaven until thy God returneth.

18. Thereupon God hung the triangle on Eolait's neck, saying: In Jehovih's name, ALL HAIL, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH? The hosts repeated: ALL HAIL, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!

19. And God came down and sat on the foot of the throne, in the custom of Gods. And he who had been anointed came down and took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, and go thy way! And God rose up, and the two, with their marshals and attendants, went down by the borders, at the line of the pillars of fire, where the proper persons had a ship with mantles and curtains in readiness; and God and his hosts, even five hundred thousand in number, entered the ship.

20. Meanwhile the es'enaurs sang an appropriate anthem of GLORY TO JEHOVIH THE HIGHEST.

21. At a given signal the ship started upward, amidst the applause of millions of angels assembled; and like a star it shot upward higher and higher, till it was seen no more.

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