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Chapter V

1. JEHOVIH said: Now will I bewail thee, O earth. The glories of thy heavens that are past and gone shall be a lesson to the Gods. Thy place of Hored, once the place of the wisdom of My Son, Sethantes, upraised, behold it is measured and gone down. p. 80a And Moeb is no more: Yeshuah is fallen. Where floated the plateaux of many resurrections, are now miring vampires and millions of souls that hear not and see not, but are forever burrowing deep in everlasting darkness.

2. The plateaux are broken up; the substance scattered and unorganized; nor is there a vestige left to show the glorious work of the Gods of the earth's past day.

3. Hear me, O ye Gods and Goddesses, for in beholding these deep miseries, the soul is quickened to retain great wisdom: Thus created I man; out of darkness created I him; and My holy angels taught him to walk upright and gave him My commandments that he might advance to eternal light. But because man obeyed not the commandments of My God and Lords, he fell. Nevertheless, a few obeyed the commandments and fell not, raising up heirs for the glory of My heavens above.

4. Of such have I made an example on all the corporeal worlds I created; for those that fell not, became examplers before the fallen; for having faith in Me and My works they questioned not My wisdom and justice.

5. But of those that fell, this is the history: They first questioned My Person; next My Wisdom; next My Justice; next My Power. And after that proclaimed the folly of God and his Lords; whereupon they usurped to themselves to say: There is nothing higher than man. And they said of themselves: I am the highest.

6. Hear My voice, O ye Gods and Goddesses; for as out of a contrary wind I give a mortal sea-captain a wholesome lesson; or as out of a severe winter I give a corporeal farmer a lesson in providing for his household; even so, on the brink of a wicked world, give I ye a lesson on the management of My kingdoms. For from this time forth the earth shall not fail; nor her heavens above her. Wherein, then, shall not My Gods rule over her in wisdom and power?

7. Since many angels assumed they were the All Highest, they put aside the commandments, one of which was: To suffer not the spirits of the newly dead to return and dwell with their mortal kindred; for they, not knowing of the higher heavens, will teach falsely of Jehovih and His everlasting kingdoms.

8. And it came to pass that when one commandment was set aside the others were also; and it followed that the spirits of the newly dead, who were without knowledge of heaven, led mortals in their own way.

p. 81a

9. For they dwelt together and slept together, and in dreams and visions mortals judged themselves to be wise, not knowing they were obsessed in sleep; and for the desires of the flesh they found acquiescence in spirit, having no higher God or Lord.

10. And as one spirit returned and fastened itself on a mortal, so did another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew it not; and they became void of direct purpose because of the confusion of soul, and they were worthless on the earth.

11. Jehovih further said: Henceforth for a long season shall it be on the earth that the spirits of the es'yans shall not be suffered to return and dwell with mortals. But the earth shall be encompassed on all sides with walls of emun, and with ashars to bear away the spirits of the dead in the hour of death.

12. But there shall come a time when mortals are capable of comprehending these matters, in which time their kindred spirits shall return at intervals from their holy labors in heaven, and see them and talk with them face to face.

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