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Chapter IX

1. MAN I created with capacity to distinguish My direct from My indirect inspirations, saith Jehovih.

2. And My angels gave him rules, whereby he might make manifest the difference betwixt the two.

3. Man has said: Behold, any man may say: Thus saith Jehovih! One killeth his neighbor, saying: I was thus inspired of Jehovih. Another practiseth all goodness, and his words are wisdom and comprehension, and he saith: I was inspired by Jehovih!

4. I say unto thee, O man: In this I also gave thee liberty; therefore, judge thou, thyself, which came from Me, and which from his surroundings (satan).

5. Thou shalt be thine own judge in all things.

6. Behold, I sent My God to jduge thee; but thou shalt also judge the judgments of thy God; and, afterward, thou shalt judge thyself in the same way.

7. A perpetual judge created I thee, not only to judge thyself and all the world beside, but thou shalt judge Me, thy Creator.

8. I have given thee many sacred books, and I said to thee:

9. Save thou judgest them, thou shalt be caught in a snare; I charge thee, thou shalt accept nothing from men, nor angels, nor Gods.

10. But thou shalt rely on thine own inspiration from thy Creator.

11. Such is My word which I speak to thine own soul.

12. What cometh to thee from a man is indirect inspiration; what cometh from an angel is indirect; and what cometh from the Gods is indirect.

13. No direct inspiration of Me can come to thee from a book, nor a sermon, nor from anything in all My creations, but only from Me, thy Creator.

14. Though one man receive direct inspiration from Me, and he write it in a book, yet, when it cometh to thee, it is indirect inspiration, and is not binding upon thee, only so far as My direct inspiration upon thee moveth thee to receive it.

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15. Yet, not all men created I with the same clearness to perceive Me, and to frame My wisdom in words.

16. Few only will turn away from the inspiration of the world, and come unto Me.

17. Many profess Me in words, but they do not fulfill My inspiration in practice.

18. My words come easily to the pure in heart; and My wisdom showeth itself in the frame of their speech.

19. For I give them words, even as I give to the animal inspiration to do perfectly and wisely the parts for which I created them.

20. Behold, I show the dumb spider how to weave its geometrical net; is it greater wonder for Me, to give words of wisdom to a righteous man?

21. Or to put him in the way of receiving My revelations?

22. Or to show him the harmony and glory of My creations?

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