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Chapter IV

1. JEHOVIH said: Aph, My Son, put a wall of pillars of fire around about the land of Whaga; plant them near, as a hedge is planted. For the false Gods and false Goddesses of hada, when perceiving their habitation going down into the water, will endeavor to escape to Jud and Vohu, and other countries.

2. But thou shalt not suffer one to escape; for they have migrated to this division of the earth because of its sumptuous productions, the better to feast their evil desires.

3. And thou shalt spread a net around the borders of Whaga, against the line of the ocean and to the high north mountains; and the net shall encompass the continent of Whaga, and it shall be to the height of a thousand miles, and in breadth, so that no spirit of darkness can escape and find the way abroad.

4. And when thou hast spread the net, thou shalt send to the large kingdoms in hada, and to the false kingdoms, a sufficient number of ethereans of great power; and thou shalt send down to the earth, to Whaga, a sufficient number of ethereans, that every mortal man and mortal woman, and every mortal child, shall have five to attend. And they that go to mortals shall take with them birth-blankets a sufficiency; for in the time of destruction, when the mortals go down in death, thy servants shall receive he liberated spirits on the birth-blankets, and bear them to the atmospherean column of ascent. And hither shall thy hosts receive them and provide them with food and clothes, after the manner of es'yans.

5. But it shall come to pass that many mothers shall perish in the waters, with children in the womb, which live by fetal, as is proper in My sight, for so created I them.

6. Therefore, to all such fetals give p. 79a special care, for they are without sin. And when the mother is dead corporeally, and the fetal also, bring hence their spirits, but together; and provide a volunteer angel of fetal power, and deliver the infant spirit to her to be nurtured until the proper time of weaning, and provide in the same place a home for the mother of the child, that she may inherit its love and mirth.

7. When the voice ceased, Aph, Son of Jehovih, looked about over the hosts as if in search of a sign that the time had come; but again Jehovih spake, saying:

8. In the misfortunes of a fallen world, created I food for the warm love of My etherean Goddesses. Behold them hereabout in millions; every one in hope of receiving a prize of that which was lost in darkness, to raise up sons and daughters, who shall rejoice in everlasting paradise. Think not that I gave the talent of love only to a mother for her child, and there the talent to end; for as the talent in its incipient age bindeth her soul to her child, so doth the same talent in My Goddesses overspread a helpless world.

9. Are they not as midwives and mothers to thousands and millions of souls being delivered from corporeal bondage into everlasting light? And who can number them? Here standeth a hundred millions come from Laygas; a hundred millions from Inopta; two hundred millions from Karduk; a hundred millions from Buchk; two hundred millions from Nin; two hundred and fifty millions from Luth'wig; a hundred millions from Pied; two hundred millions from Raig; fifty millions from Naivis; two hundred millions from Dak'dak, and two hundred and fifty millions from Od.

10. I spake in the etherean firmament, and they have answered Me. Yea, they come not as curiosity seekers, and with empty arms; but, behold them, arrayed with their thousands and millions of small equipments suited to the newborn! What thing is there under the sun they have not remembered to bring with them in some part, for regimen or drapery, to rejoice the souls of them that are to be cut off from corpor?

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