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Chapter XXI


1. ES said: God, Jehovih's Son, was relieved of his arduous toils over the earth and her heavens; and his successor, and the Lords were duly crowned.

2. Then, the Chieftainesses and high Gods and Goddesses, from the etherean heavens, prepared for the marriage of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms.

3. And God and his Lords and high officers called in all heavenly grades prepared for the third resurrection; and there were, in all, twenty-seven thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

4. Beside these, there were in Paradise, to witness the ceremonies, more than thirty thousand million angels of lower grades.

5. So, accordingly, the ceremonies were accomplished in the usual form; and the Brides and Bridegrooms were conducted into the avalanzas, of which there were eleven in number. Then went in the etherean hosts, who had brought forth the birth of kosmon. And, after them, God and his Lords and high officers.

6. In the meantime, the es'enaurs and trumpeters, two thousand millions, chanted and played before the hosts in glory to Jehovih.

7. After that, the Chieftainess gave the signal for the ascent, and, with one voice, the mighty hosts said: Arise! To Thee, Jehovih! Nearer, nearer to Thee, Thou Almighty.

8. And the fire-ships started upward, turning and rising. With more than forty thousand million angels aboard, rose the avalanzas above the pillars of fire, above the throne of God, higher and higher, turned and rose the ships of the hosts of Jehovih.

9. And the angels arising, and the angels below, clapped their hands and p. 752 shouted in glee and exalted glory, because of the overwhelming scene.

10. Thus rose up, and departed to the higher heavens, those thousands of millions of worshipers of the Creator, who had witnessed the birth of the kosmon era, for the angels and mortals of this world.


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