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Chapter XVI


1. ES said: Now, was God, Jehovih's Son, master of the whole earth and her heavens.

2. And, behold, the era of kosmon was at hand.

3. The light of the arc had fallen on the throne of God. Jehovih's Orian Chiefs from the emancipated heavens had come!

4. Paradise was like a new kingdom. A thousand million ethereans had arrived to labor with God, in clearing away the hells of the lower heavens, and in providing for opening the gates of the heavens for the angels to appear unto mortals.

5. Metahazi, Goddess of Alefad, in the roads of Loo, in etherea, had brought back the armies of the inquisitions. Hativi, Goddess of the Lutian swamps, in Wessatow plains, in etherea, was there, with Massecred of Bow-gan-ghad. Monetzian, Goddess of Tuissa, was there, with the persecutors of Zarathustra. Norwothchissa, Goddess of the forest of Nidea, in etherea, was there with the persecutors of Brahma (the pure and true) and the persecutors of Moses and Capilya.

6. Besides these, there were forty-six other Goddesses, each with a host of angels who had in the ancient times striven against Jehovih, in favor of some false God.

7. But now, in the coming of kosmon, behold they returned as pure and exalted Gods and Goddesses.

8. And God, Jehovih's Son, called forth all these one-time persecutors, and he said unto them:

9. Behold, there are four great hells and six smaller hells and fourteen still smaller hells, still existing in these lower heavens.

10. Since ye were once cast into hells, and afterward delivered by the angels of Jehovih, go ye now, and deliver the hells of these heavens. And bring ye the chief false Gods before me. My marshal will allot you to the respective places, I have appointed unto you.

11. Then went forth the Gods and Goddesses as appointed by God to deliver the twenty-four hells of the heavens of the earth. And they took with them unto this labor six thousand million angel laborers well skilled in such matters.

12. And, in thirty-four days, the hells were delivered, broken up and gone. And from these hells, there were thus delivered more than seventy thousand million angels; who were carried to the plateaux, prepared for them by God, Jehovih's Son.

13. And God had also provided unto them, in their new heavenly places, divisions and sub-divisions, with generals, captains, overseers and other such officers, necessary to prevent them running into knots and hells again.

14. Of the false Gods and Goddesses thus delivered and brought before God, p. 746 in Paradise, for judgment, the chiefs of them were: Ashtaroth, Dagon, Ashdod, Yotemas, Sathias, Goluth, Plutoya, Itis, Hamgad, Moak, Hoar, Baal, Ennochissa, Kabalactes, Gabriel and Looeamong. Besides these, there were seventy other false Gods and Goddesses delivered, but who were not brought before the throne of God, but were sent to hospitals, because they were in chaos.

15. God had previously provided Paradise, through his Holy Council, for the time of the judgment of the false Gods, that were brought before him.

16. So the Holy Councils were formed in crescent, so that the throne of God laid betwixt the horns thereof, in order to promote the Voice.

17. The marshals, then, brought the false Gods and Goddesses into the arena of circle where the light should fall upon them.

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