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Chapter XII

1. WHILST the heavens of the earth were thus stirred up with war and with anticipated misfortunes and strange doctrines, there came to Paradise, before the throne of God, a host of seven thousand angels who had been victims of the inquisitions under the inspiration of the false Kriste, Looeamong, praying an audience with God.

2. Accordingly, after the chief marshal had announced this before the throne and Holy Council, God commanded them to approach, and speak.

3. And those who were leaders then came, and spake. These were: Rochus, Estella, Coceicas, Martin, Ajedio, Burton, Gardener, Oguier, Isagades, Thornton, Wincelaus, Hepburn, Autonus, Hague, Bothna, Hijas, Sedasius, Prague, Septullus, Thilinae, Portia, Fuessa, Barm, Donia, Sarekka, Solomon, Jolif, Gallileo, Sega, Spinola, Sutton, Jinuthes, Sirach, Obenaes, Pelachon, Berttimo, Feirdonas, Puberttas, Quidonatus, Paglia, Suzarathga, Wotchganheim, Givier, Dospastonitus, Leiberanz, Jasman, Orolf, Meyer, Litz, Herman, Dolche, Mogan, Ruchtevolt, Yokamsteimer, Bolch, Calas, Radby, Yan'tos, Le'chaim, Fetch, Bliney, Catherine (queen), Lambert, Holt, Renn, Savicht, John, Barnes, Sanwalt, Biers, Drumfoldt, Nekairo, Hemsted, Wight, Thuce, Kerby, Askew, Wolfe, Bartholf, Brown, Wishartd, Mille, Sadarak, Gaepon, Hutton, Somerset, Railif, Bedford, Wehlen, Gaison, Darcy, Wallace, Tudon, Taylor, Farrar, Jones, White, Myers, Henry, Atino, Percy, Alies, Flower, Joseph, Milne, Warne, Simpson, Latimer, Ridley, Cranmer, Lang, Pesth, Bradbridge, Walstein, Allin, Jesse, Ormes, Staveson and Donald. And this is the substance of what they said:

4. Most Holy God, Jehovih's Son, greeting in love, in pity and in anger!

5. We are not Gods, nor pure, nor holy. Therefore pity us.

6. We are not happy, and feel that in our struggles to find the truth we have been unfairly used. Therefore, pity us.

7. We were born in mud-holes, and have soiled garments. Therefore, have compassion upon us.

8. We are in search of clean water, that we may go wash ourselves. Therefore, guide us.

9. We have such strength as a mad wolf might be proud of. Therefore, use us.

10. We have not such mercy and forgiveness as becometh Gods. Therefore, give us rough work to do.

11. Such work, in fact, as would require no one to split a hair to discern right or wrong.

12. Not that we desire to glut ourselves in vengeance against the false Kriste. One step higher, O God.

13. As such a matter, if an innocent lamb were pursued by a wolf, give us to rush in, and save the lamb.

14. Now, behold, the rumor hath come to us, that thou wilt establish Guatama free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

15. And it cometh to this: we are so far on the road to purification, that we can no longer catch the false Kriste's angels, and hurl them into hell.

16. Nevertheless, we are not so fastidiously pure, but we would seize his evil-working angels, and hold them by the throats till thou hadst thy great country founded safely for Jehovih's kingdom.

17. If, therefore, thou canst appropriate seven thousand angels in some loose and unscrupulous corner, to do thee good service against the tyrant and remorseless Looeamong, behold, we stand before Jehovih and thee, to do thy will as thou mayest command.

18. God said unto them: My brothers and sisters, in the name of Jehovih, I welcome you.

19. What ye can do, that shall ye do; nor shall any but yourselves judge yourselves.

20. As far as ye have the light of the Father, so shall ye serve Him.

21. To Him only are ye responsible; for His triumph shall be the redemption of heaven and earth.

22. Behold, Looeamong will surely inspire a war, both in Guatama, with mortals, and in the heavens thereof, with the angels.

p. 741

23. My angel hosts shall inspire the mortals of Guatama to found a government free from the dominion of Gods and Saviors.

24. War will follow. Now, behold, I have appointed Yotahiza, as my Lord for those regions. Repair ye thither with my messengers who know the way, and Yotahiza will receive you in my name, and give you work in justice, truth and wisdom.

25. The army of the inquisition then saluted, and departed, and they came to Yotahiza's heavenly station with the colonists in Guatama.

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