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Chapter X

1. ES said: When God saw that Looeamong's warrior angels had come upon the earth regions, discovered by Columbo, God withdrew, saying:

2. Behold, I will use this as a testimony unto Jehovih and against this false Kriste, in time to come. For I p. 738 will withdraw my angel hosts and give up, for a season, the central lands of Guatama.

3. And it shall come to pass, that mortals in these lands shall not prosper in peace, nor righteousness, nor in learning, nor in science, nor in inventions, nor in anything good under the sun. For Looeamong's warrior angels shall obsess them, and they shall build up, and then destroy, and the people of Aliattes, the Yodopans, shall be destroyed, and the I'tuans and their cities shall be ruined.

4. Now it did come to pass, as spoken by God, the central lands of Guatama, from sea to sea, fell under the dominion of the warrior angels of Looeamong, the false Kriste, and they became warriors and destroyers; nor rose they in peace, nor wisdom, nor in anything good under the sun. But they lived as pilferers, debauchees, warriors, murderers and idolaters of the false Kriste.

5. God had said: I will go to the northward, to the western coast of Uropa, and my angel hosts shall inspire another people to migrate to Guatama for conscience sake (Jehovih's sake).

6. And it shall be proved, in time to come, that they whom I shall take across the ocean, shall inherit Guatama; and they shall prosper in peace and virtue and wisdom and learning and inventions. And man, in after time, shall witness the difference betwixt the people of Looeamong's possessions as compared with mine own in the northern regions.

7. And so, God sent his angel hosts amongst the factions of western Uropa, and inspired mortals to rise up, and depart out of that country for conscience sake. And they that were inspired of God crossed over the ocean, and landed in Guatama, and they named the place of their landing Plymouth Rock, saying: For God's sake and for liberty, help us, O Thou, our Creator.

8. But they said not: For Kriste's sake, nor for sake of the Holy Ghost.

9. Nevertheless, Looeamong's angel warriors had accompanied them across the ocean; and, when they beheld what mortals had done, they departed, by means of the mortal ships returning to Uropa, for these angels were too low in grade to cross the ocean without the presence of mortals.

10. And, when they had come to the other side, they reported to Looeamong's angel generals what had been done by mortals, in Guatama, and these angel generals sent a dispatch to Hapsendi, Looeamong's heavenly kingdom, to learn his will and pleasure.

11. Looeamong sent back word as followeth, to wit: Send thou a sufficient inspiring host to obsess all mortals who have thus possessed Guatama, lest the country fall into Jehovih's hands. Spare them not; possess all, or ruin all, in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

12. And thus it came to pass, as regardeth this false Kriste and his affairs with God:

13. The latter had inspired, for sake of Jehovih, certain other people in north-western Uropa, who were Faithists in heart, but not practisers of the rites and ceremonies, who called themselves Quakers, to migrate to Guatama, to shape the destiny of the inhabitants to peace and virtue and wisdom; and these Quakers were covenanted to Jehovih, to never engage in war, nor to quarrel, nor to contend with any man for opinion's sake.

14. So Looeamong's obssessing angels did fall upon the colonies of settlers in Guatama, and obsess them to flay and to burn and to exterminate the Quakers, for Kriste's sake, as mortals said.

15. And the angels of Looeamong inspired mortals to lay in wait for any such other Faithists as might migrate to Guatama.

16. God had said: Suffer these hardships to my people to be recorded, for in kosmon, they shall be testimony of the power of heaven on mortals.

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