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Chapter IX

1. ES said: Now, behold, just as the ship of Litabakathrava had risen upward, and was on its way starting forth, the fire-boats of the four false Gods arrived in Paradise.

2. And the hosts, in the boats, were discomfited and angry withal, because their boasted audacity was thwarted from having an interview with the Orian Chief and his hosts.

3. And they of the fire-boats saw one another, and were incensed and jealous, and puzzled to know what to do. Neither would any of them confer with God, Jehovih's Son, for they had been thus commanded by the respective false Gods.

4. Now, therefore, after the fire-boats had cruised about awhile, displaying their splendor, three of them departed, leaving only the fire-boat of Looeamong's hosts remaining.

5. The captain of this boat had said: It is not sufficient that I come hither, and find the foreign God departed. I will ascertain what hath been said and done, and what these Jehovih worshipers are up to.

6. So, he went aside, and made his boat fast and he and his hosts, arrayed in splendor, went and talked with the inhabitants of Paradise, inquiring, amongst other things, the cause of such great rejoicing amongst the people.

7. And one of the people, being unguarded, said: Behold, it is well with us that we rejoice; God, Jehovih's Son, p. 737 hath inspired a new mortal anchorage. He hath taken Columbo, across the ocean, and showed him a new country, where only the Great Spirit, Jehovih, is worshipped.

8. The captain of the fire-boat thus discovered one of the plans of God for redeeming the world; but the captain disclosed not his joy, though presently, he and his hosts went aboard and departed, making all haste to Hapsendi, the heaven of Looeamong, the false Kriste.

9. On the day after Looeamong learned this matter, he sent a war-ship with seven million warring angels to stir up a mutiny amongst mortals in countries whence Columbo sailed.

10. And, by inspiration, Looeamong's warrior angels did set the rulers of Spain against Columbo, and had him cast in prison, thus breaking the chain of inspiration betwixt Columbo and the throne of God.

11. In the meantime, Looeamong's angels made all haste to have mortal ships and ship-masters of their own kind cross the ocean to the countries Columbo had discovered.

12. Thus did Looeamong's mortal worshipers cross over to Guatama, and, with them, Looeamong landed and stationed in Guatama one thousand million angel warriors, sworn laborers to the false Kriste, to establish him in these great lands.

13. When God saw how evil had already taken root in these countries, behold, he was doubly resolved to obey Jehovih's commandment, in regard to the inquisitions, in which Jehovih had said:

14. Suffer Looeamong to carry out the inquisitions, to put to death whosoever he will. For it shall come to pass that the spirits of those he slayeth in Roma and Venice and Napla and all other cities and countries will remain in their places with vengeance on their souls. And the time shall come when thou shalt withdraw thy protecting angel hosts from these cities; and, behold, these angels of vengeance will come forth and visit their wrath upon this false God and his kingdoms.

15. So, God was strong in resolution to let evil take its course; and, so, in all countries where the false Kriste had been afflicting mortals, God withdrew his protecting hosts, leaving those countries and those heavens to take their course.

16. And it came to pass, the angels of vengeance came forth for battle; to battle other angels, and to obsess mortals unto battle also, and all against the false Kriste.

17. Thus was opened the door for the split in Looeamong's doctrines, which was to ultimate in the entire overthrow of the Trinity, and of the Holy Ghost, and of Looeamong also, under his false name.

18. Thus did war begin again on earth, and in Looeamong's heavens, about himself and his doctrines.

19. To make matters worse for himself, he established angel emissaries in his earthly kingdom, in Roma, to inspire the popes to cause mortals to be scourged, imprisoned and put to death for heresy, and these things were done in the name of Kriste and the Holy Ghost.

20. And it came to pass that no man could express a word, or thought, reflecting upon Looeamong's earthly doctrines or government, without falling a victim to mortal and angel emissaries of this false Kriste. Verily were many of these mortal cities obsessed by angels of darkness and evil.

21. In course of time, behold, mortals, inspired by vengeance-loving spirits, rose up against Looeamong's popes and cardinals, and protested against the abnegation of man's right to think for himself; and these people called themselves, protestants, professing that there were two Kristes, a true one and a false one, and, moreover, that they themselves were worshipers of the true Kriste.

22. Nevertheless, they were also under the inspiration of evil angels, for they fell to work burning and flaying their opponents also.

23. And God foresaw that now was the time to inspire the western nations of Uropa to great learning and to science and to philosophy and to western migration.

24. So, God sent angels to teach man once more the telescope and the art of printing; and to inspire man to question the spiritual powers of kings.

25. Thus was Looeamong's power in great measure locked up in managing his disrupted kingdoms, whilst God's holy angels pursued the road of righteous development for the coming era of kosmon.

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