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Chapter VII


1. EVEN as at the heavenly kingdoms of the other three false Gods, so was the alarm in Hapsendi, capital of the heavenly kingdom of Looeamong, who had falsely assumed to be Kriste.

2. After Looeamong's hundreds of messengers, from his various sub-kingdoms, had made their reports as to the appearance of the great light that had descended to Paradise, and of the consternation of the sub-Lords, then spake the Holy Council before the throne of Looeamong. Some magnified the omen as a menace; some suggested doubling the number of the standing armies of Looeamong's heavenly kingdoms, and yet others suggested numerous other things.

3. After thousands of them had spoken, then spake Looeamong, saying:

4. Wise and Holy Lords and Gods of the all highest heavenly kingdom, great have been your wisdom and suggestions. Now, therefore, by the light of the Holy Ghost, hear ye of my decrees:

5. I will send unto this stranger God, who hath come to Paradise, a fire-boat a million strong, and every one shall go crowned and arrayed with jewels and diadems, and weapons of warfare; and they shall have shields and figure-heads of tau (bull) and aires (lamb), as symbols of my attributes.

6. Behold, I send unto him as a lamb of peace, but I send also the spear and sword.

7. In command of the fire-boat and the hosts thereof I appoint, Ajudus, whom I will crown with the mitre and the triangle and the cut ring.

8. And this shall be my message to the stranger God, to wit: In the name of the Holy Ghost and of the Son, greeting and love. Behold the kingdom of Hapsendi, the all highest holy heaven, is open, and free unto thee. The all highest God and ruler of the greatest heavenly kingdom would know thy will and pleasure. And if it be thy purpose to engage in a good and holy work, behold, I have employment for thee, for thy profit and honor and glory. And, for whatsoever thou canst accomplish for the resurrection of my people, shall receive a just reward from my hand.

9. Accordingly, a fire-boat of excellent workmanship was provided, and equipped in gorgeousness and splendor. And into it the million hosts, crowned as Lords, and commanded by Ajudus and Justin, embarked, and set sail for Paradise, the heavenly place of God, Jehovih's Son.

10. To work the fire-boat there were four hundred thousand slaves, composed of the spirits of such as had been on earth, popes, archbishops, bishops, cardinals, priests, and others who were serving their bondage of two hundred years (as they verily believed in purgatory), for the privilege of ultimately crawling on their bellies through the arena of the palace, and to approach near enough to look upon Looeamong, their supposed all highest God and Savior.

11. Such, then, was the magnificence and the object of the fire-boat sent to Paradise.

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