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Chapter IV


1. KABALACTES said: My most high Holy Council, Lords of heaven and earth, give ear. This day, my scouts on the borders of Vridat, my suburban kingdom in Tua, saw a light descending, like a world on fire. Consternation came upon my dutiful subjects, fearing some foreign God menaced their liberties. To appease them, Hathav, my Lord in command, dispatched hither messengers, to know my will.

2. But when they arrived, others came also, but from the heavenly plateau, Itussak, my northern kingdom, with the same ominous tale. Then others, from other kingdoms in my heavenly regions. Some have seen the light but faintly, some have seen it brilliant as a pillar of fire. Whilst here, within our well secured heavenly seat, it hath been only as a falling meteor.

3. Speak, my Lords, know ye more of this?

4. Maithivi, Lordess, said: All Highest of Gods, be considerate of womanly fears, and detract accordingly from my magnified expressions. To me, this descended star is some far-off ally with God, Jehovih's worshiper in Paradise. For by the course of the falling light, it landed thither. Is not this some strategem to re-establish Jehovih, whom we have chased from earth and heaven?

5. Fiebowh, Lord, said: It is not a year since some other foreign God descended to Paradise. Behold, this last one cometh from the same angle beyond Chinvat. Peradventure, the former was but a scout sent from some realm, which hath now answered this mighty airavagna?

6. Sin Loo, Lord, said: It was said of old: When the heavens clear, look out for Jehovih's worshipers, the infidels against the reigning Gods. Now, behold, in the very season when a'ji flieth away, and our souls are on the eve of rejoicing, here cometh an ominous meddler with our slaves, to do us mischief.

7. Thus spake many Lords, alarmed; for a secret sin, as slavery, justified by the master's conscience, being held down, is easily tormented with suspected griefs, not yet come to pass.

8. And more than this; in Kabalactes' Holy Council of one million members, were many who had been long promised preferment and higher dominion than to legislate for another's kingdom; and they had received nothing worthy of the name, for more than a thousand years.

9. And these had a small spark of hope left, that some external disaster to Kabalactes' extensive kingdoms would open the way for rich adventures in their own behalf, with millions of slaves to do them reverence.

10. So, even whilst their tongues upheld their monstrous idol, Buddha (the false), their own souls were equally perfidious.

11. When many of the Holy Council had spoken, than again Kabalactes went on: My marshal in chief shall select a host a million strong, and provide them an arrow-boat; to which command I appoint, Teanvettas, general, to go to p. 733 Paradise in my name, greeting, to learn the will and pleasure of this adventurous God that cometh to the vanguished kingdom of Jehovih's Son; to offer him the freedom of my kingdom for a monthly visit. Perchance, he hath never seen a city built of gems and precious stones; and the palace and throne of the all highest God. The which to look on may abash him from undertaking some foolish scheme.

12. Now, accordingly, from the false Buddha's magnificent heavenly kingdom, there went out an arrow-boat, the most precious gem ever built in these heavens. And in it a million hosts, arrayed as very Gods and Goddesses in splendor. Whilst Teanvettas, with his shining crown and blazing jewels, bespake his general-ship as from a rich kingdom.

13. Two hundred thousand slaves worked the boat, and many of these had been in earth-life Budhist priests, and were now serving their apprentice-ship of two hundred years, in order to have the privilege in future time of crawling on their bellies to see the throne of Buddha (the false), and see their all highest ideal God.

14. Thus, then, went the arrow-boat, in all its glory, to Paradise, seat of Jehovih's Son.

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