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Chapter II

1. TO His etherean Gods and Goddesses, Jehovih said: Behold, in twelve generations My dawn of kosmon will reach the earth.

2. Go ye down to the earth, and provide mortals and angels unto the work of My cycle.

3. In other times, My Gods and Goddesses said unto man: Thou shalt, and thou shalt not. Behold, in kosmon, ye shall declare the glory of My works and the plans of My heavens unto the nations of the earth. In all My fullness shall ye declare the glories of My creations.

4. But ye shall not say to this man nor to that man: Thou shalt believe, nor that thou shalt not believe.

5. Neither shall ye say to man: Thou shalt do this, and thou shalt not do that.

6. Such were the ancient cycles and the custom of My revelators; but such shall not be the custom of My revelators in this day.

7. But man, having heard and seen, shall judge what he will do; he shall believe, or not believe; and do, or not do, according to his own judgment.

8. Because I hold man responsible, even so should he have liberty to choose.

9. And if he strive to choose Me, by doing righteously, he shall not fail.

10. Though he accept none of the ancient doctrines, nor rites, nor ceremonies, nor Gods, nor Lords, nor Saviors, but strive for Me in doing good unto others, he shall be My chosen, even though he accept not My name.

11. Liberty, first of all, unto all people; then discipline and harmony, and then the improvement of all the talents I created with all.

12. Next to this, to have no leader, nor any one to think for another; nor to abandon one's own judgment contrary to wisdom and truth.

13. But to contend not, nor to be stubborn and positive as to the righteousness of one's own opinion. For I created no two men to see alike the same thing on earth or in heaven.

14. As to which matters, the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way.

15. In the olden times, they had inquisitors, to watch as to what another did, or said, or intimated; now, behold, in kosmon, exactly the opposite of this shall be the behavior of My chosen.

16. Though man seeth his neighbor do differently from what he himself would, he shall look the other way; or, if he speak to him of the matter, it shall be with respect, even as he would to his own mother or father.

17. And for any shortness of speech, or error, or evil expression, man shall not reprove his neighbor, nor find fault with him, more than he would with his own mother, or father, or sister, or brother. Rather shall he strive, not to see, nor hear the shortness of any man.

18. They shall be taught to see the good that is in others; to speak of the delights of all My living creatures.

19. To reprove with words, to circumspect the doings of one's neighbors, their opinions and behavior, these shall I put away in kosmon.

20. Neither shall one man advise another without becoming bound to him that followeth his advice. This, also, shall man be made to understand in kosmon.

21. In other cycles, I sent My loo'is to raise up certain mortals, through whom I could reveal My commandments unto others. In kosmon, behold, I shall not raise up any great leader-forth; My light shall fall upon thousands and thousands. Of many varieties of talents shall be My chosen in that day.

22. For which reason, when ye have descended to the earth, ye shall appoint loo'is unto millions of mortals, and they shall raise up a numerous offspring unto Me.

23. And it shall be born with them to see and feel, that a new era is at hand; and they shall be born skeptical to the ancient doctrines, Gods, Lords and Saviors.

24. Nevertheless, they shall be the best of men, and wise and charitable and most considerate of the opinions of others.

25. And it shall come to pass, that when the western continent is inhabited across from east to west, all the earth will be circumscribed with men of wisdom and learning.

26. And the year of the circumscribing shall be the beginning of kosmon.

27. And the heavens of the earth shall be opened, and the angels thereof shall descend to the earth, and make p. 731 themselves known to mortals; even through them which your loo'is shall have born unto the work.

28. And from that time forth, the old order shall decline, to be put away forever; and the new order shall take its place, to triumph over all the earth.

29. Thereafter, shall the virtue of preaching come to an end; but practice, in fulfilling good works and living up to My commandments, shall be all that will avail for the establishing of My kingdom on earth.

30. Go ye forth, My beloved; fulfill the seasons of the earth, that My people may rejoice in their lives, in peace and love, for the glory of My heavens, which I created for them.

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