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Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih


Chapter I

1. WHEN Jehovih brought the great serpent (solar phalanx) along the road of Vorkum, in etherea, behold, the earth passed into the light of the Arc of Kosmon, rising upward, higher and higher in the dawn thereof.

2. To His etherean Gods and Goddesses, Jehovih said: As ye have founded arcs of light in my etherean heavens, to determine the travel of My corporeal worlds, so shall My God of the earth inspire mortals to build light-houses for man's ships that travel on the oceans. And they that travel in the ships, and they on the land shall know when a ship neareth the port, even as ye behold My traveling earth approaching the place of kosmon.

3. For this shall be an illustration unto mortals that I have appointed cycles of times and dawns of times, with Gods and Goddesses to superintend My creations in tenderness and love. (Lest peradventure man become despondent, saying: Alas, Jehovih provided not in wisdom commensurate with the magnificence of His creations.)

4. Behold, the time draweth near when the nations of the earth shall course around the whole earth in ships, crossing the seas and oceans, to all the places I created.

5. And those that have built in one place shall no longer say: This is our country.

6. For I will no more have the nations of the earth locked up unto themselves; nor one continent exclusive to one people; nor one ocean, nor sea, nor port, nor river, for any nation or tribe of men.

7. They shall know that the whole earth is Mine, and all the waters of the earth, and the air of the firmament; and that I created them for all My people, to receive them, and enjoy them unto Mine own glory.

8. They shall throw open their places, and say to one another: Welcome, my brother. Wheresoever Jehovih prompteth thee to dwell, be it so with thee, and I will give unto thee also.

9. Now, it shall come to pass, when the different nations and peoples begin to travel from one country to another, they will scornfully say of each other: Thou heathen; thou outside barbarian!

10. For they will judge with men's eyes, and with men's understanding; not comprehending the magnificence of the plans of My resurrections, which I provided unto them through My Gods and Goddesses.

11. As in former cycles, I sent unto the nations separately; so in kosmon, I shall not send separately, but unto the whole world. As in former cycles, I sent leaders and commanding Gods; so in kosmon, I shall not send either earthly leaders or a worshipful God or Lord.

12. When man was in great darkness, I sent Saviors and deliverers unto him. And My Saviors taught man, by certain commandments and by prayers, how he should live, to be saved from sin.

13. But in kosmon I shall send nor Savior, nor archangel, with a loud-sounding trumpet; but I will come to man's understanding through the light of Mine own wisdom. And man shall interpret My words as I speak to his own soul; and such shall be his sacred words.

14. Man shall pray to Me, and speak to Me in his own way, and not according to the dictation of any man, nor priest, nor sacred book, save the book of My creations.

15. Neither shall man longer accept any of the former revelations, and bow down unto them; for, as I was sufficient unto the ancients to speak to them things that were good for them, even so will I speak to My chosen of the kosmon era that which is good for them also.

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Plate 94.--ARC OF KOSMON

Showing the earth in the thirty-second year of the kosmon era. Jehovih said: When the world approacheth dan'ha in Sabea, the nations shall be quickened with new light; for kosmon cometh out of the midst. And my etherean hosts shall press upon the understanding of men, and they shall fill all the nations and kingdoms with new discoveries and inventions and books of learning. And men shall be conceited of themselves above all the ages past, and they shall deny Me and quarrel with My name, and cast Me out. But I will come upon them as a Father, in love and mercy; and My hosts of heaven shall cause babes and fools to confound the wise, by signs and miracles. My hosts from heaven shall cause chairs to speak; and inanimate things to walk and dance. The dead shall re-appear to the living, and talk with them face to face, and eat and drink, and prove themselves to the children of earth, and make My kingdoms known. Yea, they shall encompass the whole earth around about with signs and wonders, and set at naught the philosophy of men and the idolatries of the ancients. For both, the living and dead, shall know that I, Jehovih, live and reign over heaven and earth. This shall be a new era, and it shall be called, kosmon, because it embraceth the present and all the past. Then will I reveal Myself; and they that deny Me shall accept Me; of their own accord will they put away their Lords and their Gods and their Saviors; nor shall they more have idols of Me, either on earth or in heaven, for I am sufficient unto all.


16. My heavens shall be revealed unto them, as promised by My prophets of old, and man shall be taught how to see and comprehend My heavens with his own judgment, and not according to what any other man saith My revelations are.

17. Behold, in the ancient days, I provided Saviors and rab'bahs and priests to pray for man, and confess him of his sins; but these things will I put away, and no one shall pray for the living, nor confess him of his sins, by words or signs or ceremonies.

18. But every man shall pray for himself, in his own way, and confess his sins unto Me for forgiveness.

19. And instead of praying in words for his brother, saying: Jehovih, help him, he shall go in person, and help him with his own hands.

20. Neither shall man sit idly and say: O Jehovih, help Thou me; come and save me!

21. But he shall rise up in the majesty I created him, saying: Behold me, Jehovih! I will save myself. Guide Thou me, O Father!

22. And he shall walk forth, proudly in My sight, scorning evil and sin, doing with all his might for his own salvation. And I will come unto him, for of such shall be My chosen.

23. In kosmon, I shall not come to make a servant of man unto man; nor to make him afraid, when the priest speaketh. I will make man hold up his head fearlessly before men, in remembrance of his daily covenant unto Me, his Creator, in the practice of righteousness.

24. In that day, the preacher and the priest shall be of little avail; My standard shall be of good works, and not of words.

25. Neither shall My hand be unto individuals only, but unto nations, kingdoms and empires.

26. Whatsoever people embrace Me, the same will I embrace also. And a sign shall be unto them: their ports and lands and waters shall be thrown open unto all other people.

27. And they shall prosper, and become numerous, thriving in peace and plenty. And My Holy angels from My exalted heavens shall minister unto them, and they shall grow in wisdom, good works and in learning and in inventions and discoveries.

28. But whatsoever people will not embrace Me, the same will I not embrace. Their ports shall be bound up, and their lands and waters shall not be opened unto others. Verily, shall they attempt to be an exclusive people; and I will withdraw My exalted angels away from them, and they shall be encompassed with darkness.

29. These signs shall be before the world as My living testimony; and My prophets shall use these signs in determining which nations and peoples My hand covereth over to protect, and save them.

30. My prophets shall remember the countries of old which strove against Me and My chosen, how they went down in darkness.

31. When My dawn of a cycle cometh, I ever put away the ancient doctrines, and the established Gods and Saviors; none have ever stayed My hand. Now, behold, man shall look about in the kosmon era and see My foot-prints in the ancient times, how I ministered unto the races of men. And he shall apply with judgment the history of other days.

32. This also will I accomplish: Kingdoms and nations shall judge their own strength by their rigid laws and standing armies.

33. And they shall look upon My people, and say: Alas, they are weak; they have neither kings, nor armies, nor rigid laws!

34. But My prophets shall remember My chosen of old, who had faith in Me. And My prophets shall say to the kings with mighty armies: Behold, ye are the weakest; and those that have no armies are the strongest. And their prophecies shall not fail.

35. That which applieth in My heavens of the earth, shall apply on the earth; that, which applieth on the earth, shall apply in the heavens thereof.

36. The bondage of of kings and queens and emperors and rich men and leaders of men, shall be with them in the heavens of this earth. Until they have undone the tyranny they had over others, their heavens shall be without liberty to them. Whom they sought to lead on earth, they shall lead in heaven; neither shall there be exalted resurrection for them, until the lowest of their subjects have risen before them.

37. And they that live isolated and alone on the earth, shall be isolated and alone in the heavens of the earth. Man shall learn that affiliation and brotherhood unto others on earth, shall find affiliation and brotherhood in the heavens of the earth.

38. Whosoever openeth his soul in love and harmony unto others on earth, shall find love and harmony in heaven.

39. And the same rule shall apply to nations and peoples: according to their love and harmony and the breadth of their liberality unto other nations and p. 730 peoples, even so shall be the heavens of the earth, whither they shall migrate after death.

40. All these things of heaven and earth shall be made plain to man in kosmon; with his own eyes he shall behold the justice of his Creator.

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