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Chapter LIX


1. IN the names of the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost, greeting unto Thee, God, Jehovih's Son.

2. In confederation assembled, we reply unto thee, with patience and mercy.

3. We sat not up our kingdoms for self-glorification, but righteousness and good works.

4. Behold, the firmament was overcast with falling a'ji, and our former Lord-doms were broken up and gone.

5. And we chose our several places in uninhabited heavenly regions; therefore, we took nothing from thee.

6. We admit the goodness of thy heart and the honesty of thy purpose, but we do not acknowledge thy wisdom a sufficient guide unto heavens like our own.

7. The wise and exalted may rise in wisdom, purity and power, by the policy of love and non-resistance and by the example of good works.

8. But where such inhabitants, either on earth, or in the heavens thereof, comprise but a small per cent of the population, they become the victims of the lawless.

9. And this is the reason thy followers, both on earth and in heaven, are persecuted and abused.

10. We admit the declension of our grades, as thou hast said; but, behold, thy emissaries carry off our highest grades.

11. If thou would carry away our drujas only, we would not interdict the travel of thy ships in our heavenly dominions. But, as soon as thy ships come, behold, our highest grades rush for them.

12. For which reason, we have been obliged to prohibit thy laborers within our midsts.

13. Touching our slaves, of whom we have more than eighteen thousand millions, without slavery they would do nothing in heaven, and, for the most part, would inhabit mortals as vampires, familiars, demons, engrafters (re-incarnaters) and familiars.

14. Only by holding them as our slaves can we restrain them from these vices.

15. Forget not, that ere our heavenly kingdoms were established, the earth was covered over in many places with oracles and temples used to consult the spirits.

16. And these spirits were in darkness, holding mortals down in darkness.

17. We broke them all up, and thus cleared the earth from innumerable self-Gods and self-Lords.

18. Touching the matter of the name, Holy Ghost, have we not freedom, as well as thou, to choose a name to please ourselves?

19. Thou hast prophesied our downfall, and yet pleadst for us to prevent it. If we are to be overthrown, how, then, could we avert it; then thy prophecy would not realize truth.

20. Nevertheless, we propose unto thee, if thou wilt renounce the Person of the Creator, and style it, the Holy Ghost, we are prepared to treat with thee.

21. Otherwise, no more!

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