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Chapter LIII


1. IN the name of the Almighty, greeting unto you.

2. A thousand years ago, the grades of your heavenly subjects were from thirty to fifty; now, they are fallen to fifteen.

3. As ye have declined the grades of the angels in your heavens, even so have ye declined the grades of mortals within your dominions.

4. Instead of well-tilled fields and good orchards, ye have given them war, widows, orphans, paupers, debauchees, thieves and murderers.

5. Instead of giving them good harvests, ye have given them famines and pestilences.

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6. For your ashars inspire the priests, and they in turn entice their followers away from the fields, to come and dwell in the cities, where they can be conveniently absolved from neglect in not confessing you.

7. Thus have ye set aside good works and instruction and the desire for the knowledge, both within your heavenly kingdoms and on the earth also; and, instead thereof, ye have given them rites and ceremonies, leading angels and mortals as if they were cattle for your markets.

8. Instead of teaching angels and mortals to think for themselves, ye have prohibited them from thinking, save as your leaders think for them.

9. Thus have ye thwarted, with all your might, the cultivations of the talents Jehovih created with all.

10. Say not, that I, Jehovih's Son, desire subjects or worshipers; behold, I prohibit both angels and mortals from worshipping me, or announcing me or my kingdoms, as the all highest.

11. I teach them, One only is the All Highest, even Jehovih.

12. I teach them, that I am but Jehovih's servant, working for the resurrection of mortals and angels.

13. I teach both angels and mortals, they shall not worship any one born of woman.

14. And behold, my foot-prints can not be mistaken; I raised up Zarathustra, and the man Brahma, and Abraham and Moses and Po and Chine and Capilya.

15. Yet, not one of these, with all the wonders they accomplished, was worshipped by their followers

16. Yet, who was greater than Moses? that stretched forth his hand, and said: Come! Come!

17. And four millions of people, in bondage, marched out of Egupt!

18. Yet none worshipped Moses.

19. Behold, the seventy colonies founded by Zarathustra, and yet they worshipped not him.

20. Behold Chine, who named the empire, who turned three hundred millions of warriors to a people of peace.

21. Behold Capilya, who overturned the laws of thirteen kingdoms in Vind'yu, and gave peace and plenty to a hundred millions of people.

22. Yet, not Chine nor Capilya were worshipped.

23. But ye harp on the idle tales of obscure magicians, and teach mortals to worship them.

24. Nevertheless, ye have caused to be preached, in your heavens, that I am a God like unto yourselves, working for mine own glory.

25. Now, behold, I prepare my angel hosts in wisdom and virtue, that they may go away from me, and inherit the etherean heavens above.

26. For this was my labor for which Jehovih, through His exalted Gods, made me God of the earth and her heavens.

27. And I have sent thus away, as Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, thousands of millions of angels, whom I had raised to grade ninety-nine.

28. Yet, in all the time of your dominions ye have not raised one angel to the emancipated grades.

29. Such as are wise within your dominions, tire of your pomp and splendor, and, in course of time, come to my heavens, and renounce all Lords and Gods, and betroth themselves to Jehovih only.

30. And I give them places in my schools, colleges, hospitals and factories, and thus educate them, that they may, indeed, in time, become fit companions to Gods and Goddesses.

31. Thus are your kingdoms forever depleted of your highest grades. So that your heavenly kingdoms and your earthly dominions have chiefly the ignorant and depraved as your idolaters.

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