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Chapter XLIX


1. THE Lord said: After Looeamong had cast out all other false Gods in his earth dominions, he set to work enriching his heavenly home, employing no less than seven thousand million angel slaves for that purpose.

2. Now, the place and extent of his heavenly capital was from Hasetus to Roma, and thence northward to the Aquarian Mountains.

3. His palace was modeled after Ennochissa's, at Eta-shong, and of equal magnificence.

4. His greatest warriors were now exalted as Lords, generals, marshals, and so on. And he provided rites and ceremonies, and tournaments, and all manner of heavenly diversities.

5. But he made the rules of entrance to his palace so rigid, that only his highest officers and visiting Gods could gain access to him.

6. Now, for upward of a thousand years, the angel warrior, Gabriel, alias Thoth, had been to Looeamong his most faithful sub-God.

7. And Looeamong had promised Gabriel that, when he overthrew Baal, and cast him in hell, he would give to Gabriel a great heavenly kingdom, with an earthly base.

8. Accordingly, Gabriel applied for Jerusalem (his station), and for the heavens thereunto, and for one thousand million slaves.

9. But Looeamong postponed the matter from time to time, for more than six hundred years.

10. Thoth, alias Gabriel, then sent this message to Looeamong, to wit:

11. By virtue of mine own worth before the Gods of heaven, I greet thee in peace and love. First, in remembrance of thy many promises to me, in which thou hast kept no part thereof faithfully.

12. Second, that thou art not Kriste, which is All Knowledge, but a usurper and pretender.

13. Third, that I made thee what thou art; and by mine own hand helped thee to cast out Baal and Ashtaroth, and all the Roman'yan and Argos'yan Gods. Of which matters it is known in these three great heavens, thou didst promise me for more than seven hundred years, to give me a kingdom of a thousand million subjects.

14. And, fourth, since thou art safely raised up above all Gods within these regions, thou hast affected to not know me. Yea, and in thy great heavenly recreations and tournaments and receptions, thou hast not commanded my presence, or in any way shown more remembrance of me than as if I were an es'yan.

15. And, fifth, thou didst long promise me that, if thou shouldst succeed in establishing a sub-kingdom on the earth, or in hada, near the earth, thou wouldst hand the same over to me, to rank thee in all things. But thou hast greedily kept both kingdoms to thyself, making either place thy residence, according to the times and seasons most propitious to thine own glory and ease.

16. And, lastly, that thou sacrificest the liberty of thy subjects, making them thy laborers to embellish thy kingdom, and making them little better than slaves, in forever parading in the ceremonies given in thy applause.

17. These things have I often desired to speak to thee about; but thou ever affectedst to be overrun with other matters, so as to put me off from my opportunity. Whereupon I have prayed to the Holy Ghost, for hundreds of years, to have my suit just and honorable and holy.

18. But I shall search no further. Hundreds of millions of thy highest grades, who went down to the earth with me to fight thy battles, and who know the justness of my cause, will, p. 716 at a word from me, withdraw from thy kingdom, and join me in an enterprise of my own.

19. I shall await patiently for thy reply.

20. But Gabriel received no reply to his message. And so, in course of time, he called together ten thousand angel warriors, and they assembled in a place called, Kalla-Hored, the place of seven steps, in hada. Gabriel spake before them, saying:

21. Here will I establish my kingdom of heaven, and forever. I will show this false Kriste, what I can do. Mark ye, the great power of a God is to establish a good foothold on the earth. The natural increase will soon populate a heavenly kingdom.

22. I will raise me up a prophet and seer of mine own on the earth, and establish a new doctrine amongst mortals. Behold, I have a sword that will cut to pieces Looeamong's kingdom on earth. For, listen! In the old Eguptian libraries are books and tablets and manuscripts, that will show the perversity of the Constantine bible.

23. Now, when I have established my prophet, I will cause mortal legions of Arabin'yans to possess these libraries, especially Alexandria's. And I will raise up mortal scholars, who shall establish the truth of my prophet's doctrines, and the falsity of this false Kriste's doctrines; and I will thus overturn his earthly kingdom, and possess all these mortal regions myself, to be mine forever!

24. After that manner, the angel, Gabriel, boasted. And he made the ten thousand his Holy Council, and from amongst them he appointed marshals, captains, generals, heralds and officers in general. And they built a throne in heaven unto Gabriel, and called it, the THRONE OF KALLA-HORED; and he went and sat thereon, and then crowned himself, GABRIEL, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.

25. And then he crowned ten Lords, to wit: Ateiniv, Le Chung, Tudol, Raim, Hakaya, Wochorf, Yademis, Stu'born, Wolf and Gussak. And Gabriel thereafter commenced the initiation of members to his kingdom. And there thus acceded to his heavenly place upward of five hundred thousand angels every day, and this continued until Kalla contained more than eight hundred million angel subjects.

26. Of these, certain selections were made, according to grade, who were appointed as officers over the rest; and immediately they were put to work, building heavenly mansions, and constructing streets and roads, and all things required in an exalted heaven, and in the meantime Gabriel's palace and throne were extended and beautified beyond description.

27. Gabriel knew the power of rites and ceremonies, and he provided unto his heavenly kingdom accordingly, so that his people were kept in a constant state of excitement, because of his wonderful inventions. So that millions and millions of them truly believed he was the veritable Creator of heaven and earth, thus in form of an angel.

28. Gabriel perceived this, and for these he provided places of trust and nearness to him, that his miraculous power might be the better strengthened with the unbelieving.

29. Now, the time came when Gabriel's kingdom was sufficiently established, and he began to provide for his great scheme to establish himself with mortals, that their spirits after death might be brought to his kingdom. For such is the order of Jehovih's creation, that whosoever man worshippeth whilst he is on earth, to that God will his spirit float after death; and without resistance become a dutiful slave, not knowing there be other Gods and other heavens.

30. And Gabriel made Ateiniv Chief Lord of Lords to go down to the earth, and find a mortal capable of the required inspiration. And he gave to Ateiniv to be his co-laborers, Yademis, Stu'born, and Wolf, and with them, at their call, three hundred million warrior angels.

31. And with this host, Ateiniv departed for the earth, for Arabin'ya; and as he went forth he dropped of his hosts, at certain distances, groups of angels, which formed the line of light from Gabriel down to the earth.

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