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Chapter XLVII


1. THE Lord said: Behold, it came to pass as had been foretold by God, Jehovih's Son: The Triunes will all become false Gods, because they have denied the Almighty.

2. God said: There is but One, who is All Knowledge. Whatsoever angel or God announceth himself to be All Knowledge, is false in presence of Jehovih.

3. Nevertheless, Looeamong had it proclaimed in heaven and earth that he was The Kriste, which is the Ahamic expression for All Knowledge.

4. The Lord said: Now, therefore, Looeamong was from this time forth a false God in heaven and on earth.

5. And Looeamong commanded Thoth, his angel warrior in command of his earthly dominions, to raise up tribes of warriors amongst mortals.

6. And, by the inspiritation of said Thoth, these warriors were induced to call themselves Kriste'yans (Christians).

7. God said: That man may know, this is true, behold, the followers of Jehovih are not warriors, nor have they ever been.

8. Jehovih said: This mark put I upon man from the time of Cain to the present day, that whoso raiseth his hand against his brother, raiseth his hand against Me also. And this mark shall distinguish My servants to the end of the world. Behold, I alone, am All Knowledge.

9. Now, it came to pass, that from this time forth great success attended the wars of Looeamong for the glory of his heavenly kingdoms.

10. And, for the space of three hundred years, Looeamong gradually gained on Baal and his alliances, both on earth and in heaven.

11. And Looeamong captured and cast out of his dominions more than seven hundred false Gods and false Lords.

12. And he broke up six hundred and eighty oracle-houses and temples, used for consulting the spirits, who called themselves Gods, whose only service was to advise on war, conquest and destruction.

13. So, that, even in Looeamong's falsity to himself, he rendered a great service to Jehovih, against whom he was doing battle.

14. For three hundred years more, Looeamong, with upward of six thousand million angel warriors, pursued war in heaven and on earth; and he had captured mostly all the earthly strong-holds of other false Gods. Baal, however, still maintained himself in Roma, and as God of the Roman empire, but under many names.

15. God, Son of Jehovih, said: Now, behold, even Looeamong, the false God, bewailed the wars, and he also bewailed his own doctrines.

16. Looeamong cried out in his despair, saying: To whom shall I pray, O thou Holy Ghost? Thou shadow, thou nothing, thou void?

17. Shall I say: O thou all nothing? Thou inconceivable? Thou unknowable? Thou all hidden?

18. Or shall I say: O thou nature? Thou God of nature? Thou senseless? Thou scattered?

19. Thou that hearest not? Thou that knowest not? Thou that seest not?

20. Thou essence? Thou fountain, that is dumb? Thou accident? Thou shapeless?

p. 712

21. Thou imperson? Thou shortness in all? That beguileth us to come hither, to find thee? Or to go thither to find thee?

22. And find of a truth, that we find thee not? Yea, to understand that thou art the waste and desolate of all that is?

23. And, as for the Father, which we three built up, is He not dead? A divided kingdom, with three astrayed sons? And every one for himself?

24. O thou Brahma, thou hadst a peaceful division. And thou Budha, a place of great profit.

25. But I, your equal, with an unprofitable division of these western heavens. Mine are warriors in heaven and on earth. Yours, peace and profit. How can I embellish Hapsendi, my heavenly seat? And make it a place of grandeur, like unto yours?

26. Behold, my thousands of millions of angels are needed for warriors. How have I time to embellish my throne, and my heavenly city? No wonder, ye twain point the finger of mockery at me, for the poverty of my heavenly kingdom.

27. Have I not been fighting battles with satan all these hundreds and hundreds of years? Did I not find heaven, even from the first, a place of war?

28. Shall these things continue forever? Who shall I inquire of? Have I not declared, I am one with the Father, and one with the Holy Ghost?

29. Why, then, shall I not look to myself? And is this not the sum of all? Every one for himself? Was not myself a self from the first? And to continue a self for itself forever?

30. Henceforth, I go not down to send peace on earth; I go not to send peace, but a sword.

31. I go to set man at variance against his brother and father, and woman against her sister and mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

32. I will make the foes of a man, they of his own household.

33. He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.

34. And he that will not take up his sword and proclaim me, is not worthy of me.

35. My signs shall be a sword, a skull and cross-bones, and a bull.

36. My edicts shall be bulls; by these shall mine enemies be destroyed.

37. Before me shall every knee bow down, and every tongue confess me, Lord of all.

38. Behold, I will give them a book and a guide, whereby they shall know me; in blood will I seal them to the end of the world.

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