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Chapter XLV

1. THE Lord said: Now, behold, Looeamong stood no longer upon the practice of righteousness, but upon might.

2. Neither considered he more the resurrection of mortals or angels.

3. The craft and wisdom of Baal baffled Looeamong, in both his heavenly battles and his battles for mortals.

4. Behold, the whole of the countries of Egupt, Parsi'e, Heleste and Uropa were in war; and the heavens of these p. 710 countries were also in war, with hundreds of hells within them.

5. Looeamong fought no longer for the Trinity nor the Holy Ghost, but to save his heavenly kingdom, lest he be captured, and cast into hell.

6. And even more desparately was Baal situated against him.

7. In the meantime, the other two Triunes began to war against each other in their heavenly kingdoms, contending for boundaries and subjects.

8. Thoth sent the following message to Looeamong, to wit: Greeting to thee, thou Most High Triune, in the name of the Holy Ghost.

9. Wherein I am embarrassed, I pray thee, give me leniency. My suit is not without due deliberation and through prayers to the Holy Ghost. Long have I fought thy battles, and I have gained great power and authority in many kingdoms, in heaven and earth.

10. But, behold, I labor against Gods who have the advantage of me. The Chine'ya rebel Gods and the Vind'yu rebel Gods, that fled from the Triune kingdoms in the east, have taken upon themselves names popular with mortals. Witness these names: Nestor, alias Puith; Neptune, alias Poseidon; Oileus, alias Pendre; Priam, alias Hogath; Phoebus, alias Onewakax, alias Apollo; Pales, alias Shugansitha; Pelides, alias Peleus; Saturn, alias Kronos; Thaleia, alias Musae; Thestor, alias Suko, alias Bayrith, alias Calchas; Thetis, alias Arama, alias Mi, alias Mara, alias Achill'ya, alias Argos; Venus, alias Seinalt, alias Vishnu, alias Mira, alias Thor, alias Theo; Vulcan, alias Anawahah, alias Ir, alias Agni, alias Hefaste'yan; Calianessa, alias Vritta; Hecla, alias Jah, alias Tyronia, alias Nileus; Nemertis, alias Itra, alias Prometh'ya, alias Ari, alias Mithra; Opsendes, alias Miletus, alias Brahma, alias Ishaka, alias Davetat, alias Sakaya, alias Morototha; Pherna, alias Holasa, alias Iao, alias Crite, alias Thammus; Spieo, alias Pelides, alias Hecla, alias Vulcan; Thor, alias Padua, alias Hermes, alias Belus, alias Hiroth, alias Yossammis; Thoa, alias Thor, alias Neptune, alias Orion, alias Aph, alias Thulis; Quiurnus, alias Vishnu, alias Ahambre, alias I'isna, alias Atys, alias Etus.

11. Thoth continued: And yet these are not all. For these Gods have no fear of the Holy Ghost, and they choose any name that will be flattering to mortals. And the magicians and priests, and such others as have power to hear the voices of spirits, are led to believe that they hear the very Gods whose names are given.

12. This, then, is my misfortune, thou most Holy God of the Triune: I am commanded to give but one name, even the Holy Ghost, or the Father, to mortals. Or, whether my angel hosts speak to the oracles or to persons capable of hearing spirits, and say to them: Fight ye for the Holy Ghost, or fight ye for the Creative element, mortals heed us not. Or, they irreverently mock us, saying: What care we for a God that is but a ghost, a shadow, a creative element? Give us Gods that talk, and of themselves. We want no angels from the Holy Ghost. Bring your Gods, and let the oracles tell us what they say.

13. Looeamong then sent messengers and a suitable escort to Jerusalem, on the earth, where Thoth was stationed at the time, with an angel host of warriors, commanding his presence before his Holy Council in Hapsendi, Looeamong's heavenly city and kingdom.

14. Now, after Thoth went thither, and they held a Council of many days, a disturbance arose in the Council in consequence of the heat of the debates.

15. For the Gods of the Council, for the most part, said: What better are we than the Jehovians? What greater power have we than the Jehovians? Who can answer the philosophy of Thoth? It is a truth, mortals have never been satisfied with AN ANGEL FROM THE GODS. They want the God himself.

16. Was not this forever the weakness of the Jehovians? Such angels could give no name that mortals knew, save they falsely assumed a name. Hence their weakness, compared to such angels as unscrupulously assumed to be Gods.

17. We all knew these things before our Holy Confederacy was formed. Yea, one of the chief reasons for forming a confederacy in heaven was that we might more effectually overcome the power of evil spirits over mortals.

18. In that day, we said: The three persons, the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost, would enable us to appear in person and with authority unto mortals.

19. Behold, it hath now come to pass mortals desire a more definite God, one known unto them. We can not truthfully take the name of any God Thoth hath named, nor of any other God worshipped by mortals.

20. Looeamong then drove hence p. 711 from the palace his Holy Council, that he might have an opportunity to reason with himself, as to what he should do.

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