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Chapter XLIII

1. WHEN Joshu was grown up, and ready for his labor, God provided a host of one hundred million angels to make a line of light from his Holy Council down to the earth; and they so made it.

2. And God provided a guardian host of two thousand million angels to protect the line of communications; for it was war times in heaven and earth.

3. Then came Moses from his etherean realms, accompanied by Elias and a sufficient host. And he came to Paradise, to God on the throne, where due preparation had been made for them. For the heavenly kingdoms of God were stirred from center to circumference, when it was heralded abroad that Moses and Elias were coming.

4. And Paradise was like a new heavenly city, being acceded by an influx of more than a thousand million visitors for the occasion.

5. And heralds and receivers and marshals and musicians extended every way.

6. A whole book might be written on the glory of the occasion, when that etherean ship descended from the higher heavens. Suffice it, Moses was received according to the custom of Gods. And God said to Moses and Elias: Come ye, and honor my throne; and I will proclaim a file before the throne, to be followed by two days' recreation.

7. Then Moses and Elias went up, and sat on the throne of God, that they might look upon Moses' face. And Moses stood up before them. Moses said: I remember standing on the earth whilst the hosts that came out of Egupt passed before me! Great Jehovih, what symbols of things Thou givest. And ever with a new thrill of joy to the soul. O Thou Almighty!

8. That was all he said; but so great was the love and glory in his face as he stood on the throne of God that every soul that passed said: Moses, blessed Son of Jehovih!

9. And God granted two days' recreation, during which time the ethereans mingled with the atmosphereans in great delight. After that, Moses, with his hosts, went to Elaban, his colony of Eguptians, who were now raised high in the grades. And Moses had them removed to Aroqu, where they were duly prepared and adorned as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. And, after suitable preparation, Moses provided for their ascent to the Nirvanian fields of Metapotamas, in etherea, sending them in charge of his own hosts.

10. After that, Moses and his remaining hosts descended to the earth, to Kanna'yan, to the tribes of Es'eans, which had been raised up by Illaes (Pharaoh). And great was the meeting betwixt Illaes and Moses. The former broke down with emotion. He said: All praise to Thee, O Jehovih! Thou has remembered me at last.

11. Moses came to him, and said: I have come for thee, O Nu'ghan! I have a place prepared for thee and thy hosts in my etherean kingdoms! Thou hast done well!

12. Then Moses and his hosts drew their otevan down to the angel camp, which was near the camp of the mortals, the Es'eans, and they made the light to fall upon the boat; and it came to pass that many of the Es'eans looked up and beheld the otevan, calling it a chariot.

13. And Moses and Elias went and stood before Joshu, and he saw them.

14. Moses said unto him: My son! my son! The light of Eloih is upon thee. Israel, through thee, shall regain the All One, which was lost.

15. Thereupon, Moses and his hosts, together with Illaes and his hosts, went into the otevan, and immediately took course for Paradise, God's heavenly seat, where they arrived in due season. And, after three days, they again entered the fire-ship, and took course for Moses' etherean realms.

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