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Chapter XLI

1. GOD said: Hear ye, O earth, and ye, O heaven, of Looeamong, the other of the Triunes, the founders of the doctrines of the Holy Ghost and Trinity.

2. My word is gone forth; the kingdoms of the spirit of the dead shall reveal through me unto all men; their libraries shall be as an open book to Jehovih's Sons and Daughters in heaven and earth.

3. Because Looeamong pursued Ashtaroth in conjunction with Baal, and overthrew her and her kingdom, and cast them into hell, he became as a lion, savage at the taste of blood.

4. And I cried out unto him, saying: Hold, hold; enough! But he said: Nay, till I have Baal also cast into hell, I will not cease the carnage of mortal blood.

5. And he cast about in Hapsendi, his heavenly place, calling up angel warriors, tens of millions, hundreds of millions. But Baal, the self-God of Heleste, called his mighty legions in heaven, and sent them down to the earth, redoubled, to inspire mortals to bloody deeds.

6. Baal said: Mine is an easy doctrine to understand. All mortals that worship not Baal shall be put to death. The worshipers of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are my enemies. Such mortals shall die! Such angels shall go the way of hell.

7. The Faithists, the worshipers of Jehovih, are also my enemies. Such mortals shall be tortured and sawed in halves. Such angels shall be bound in knots in hell, and suffocated forever! I will have them know that Baal is the All Highest God of heaven and earth.

8. All the land of Arabin'ya, Heleste and part of Uropa, was as one great seat of anarchy and war.

9. Looeamong said: I come not to bring peace, but war! I come to set nation against nation, people against people, man against man. For righteousness sake will I purify the earth with human blood.

10. I will not have a half-way peace; I will destroy my enemies, east and west and north and south. By the Holy Ghost have I sworn it!

11. And the kingdoms of Egupt, and of Media, of Armenia, and Phrygia, and Argos, and Scythia and Noamedia, and of all the regions of Arabin'ya and the west, shall know no peace till I have destroyed the worship of all Gods but the Triunes.

12. And it came to pass, that there was no peace in any of those lands. Neither was there system to the warfare, looking to any important result.

13. Jehovih hath said: Let this stand as a testimony unto coming generations. For they shall look back to these times, and behold, that the wars raged without purpose on the part of any king. And that mortals were the instruments in the hands of the angels, who ruled over them. And it shall be testimony unto them of what p. 706 cometh upon peoples, who deny My Person. For they shall compare the peace and rejoicing of My people, whilst they had no king, but kept My commandments, with such as put Me away, and tried to make themselves strong in kings and standing armies.

14. Baal now established two more heavenly kingdoms, one over Jerusalem, and one above the Apennine mountains, off from Roma. And in the latter kingdom, which he called Arkoli, he made an alliance with the Vind'yu Gods that escaped from their own heavenly regions and fled to the mortal city, Roma. And near Athena, he founded a sub-kingdom of five hundred million angels, and made an alliance with the Gods that escaped from the Brahmin kingdoms.

15. In this emergency, Looeamong, the Triune God of the Holy Ghost, beheld, with fear and trembling, his formidable enemy, Baal. And so he determined, to send to Buddha for assistance. Thus he solicited, to wit:

16. To the Triune, the Holy Budha, Son of the Holy Ghost, greeting in love and majesty.

17. By the power of the Triunes are we sworn to each other, to establish the Holy Ghost in heaven and earth. By which confederacy are we three Gods powerful above all other Gods.

18. Now behold, Baal, the most fiendish of all Gods, wageth war against our holy doctrines in all the regions of my heavenly kingdoms and on my dominions of the earth also. But my forces in heaven and earth need re-inforcement. And I come to thee, according to our original compact, asking thee for a thousand million angel warriors.

19. By messengers Looeamong sent this to Budha, who answered him as followeth, to wit:

20. It is said that great trials are the making of angels and mortals. I need my hosts for mine own purposes. Nevertheless, if thou wilt cede Egupt to me, thou shalt have the army thou asketh for, for the space of one hundred years.

21. Insulting as was this proposal, Looeamong was obliged to accede to it, or to have his kingdom destroyed by Baal.

22. Accordingly, such an alliance was entered into; and so, Looeamong removed his heavenly city, Hapsendi, westward, and cast it over Naomedia. And immediately thereafter, Budha established a heavenly kingdom in Egupt, and called it, Celonia, giving its management into the keeping of Thoth, the Bertian, an angel, so named, because he was cunning, like a fox.

23. With these additional forces, Looeamong now renewed the assault on Baal on every side, even more violently in his heavenly places than on the earth.

24. And it came to pass, that Looeamong routed Baal from his heavenly kingdom, and from his sub-kingdoms also, but he did not capture him, or subdue him. And the angels of Looeamong obtained Jerusalem and Athena, besides two hundred small cities with their oracle-houses and temples also. And Looeamong's angel warriors took possession of them, so they could answer the oracles, the magicians and priests, in their own way.

25. Baal still maintained an army of three thousand million angel warriors; and he established himself in the city of Roma and Hieadas, that is, Bizantium, but used most of his army as rambling marauders.

26. Now, when Looeamong beheld, that the other two Triunes had taken new names falsely, and that they had gained power thereby, he resolved to adopt for himself the names, Lord and God.

27. Thoth, his chief warrior angel, fighting against Baal, had said: Most Holy Triune, I must give mortals a name to fight for. The term, Holy Ghost, is not potent.

28. So, Looeamong falsely assumed to be God, the Lord of heaven and earth.

29. He said to Thoth: Go tell mortals I am the same, who wrought wonders for the Israelites. And, forsooth, the Israelites will fight for me.

30. Thoth did this. And furthermore Looeamong inspired one, Ezra, to gather all the records he could, to be proof of his labors for the Israelites.

31. To accomplish this, Thoth employed seven hundred thousand angels, to be with Ezra and the numerous scribes whom Ezra employed. And by their inspiration were the books of the Ezra Bible written and compiled, according to the commandments of Looeamong. And there were thus collected seventy-two books, and they were put on file in the king's library in Jerusalem, after the manner in which the ancients preserved important records of events, and these books were named by Ezra, The Holy Library, of which number fifty-four remain to this day.

32. But, of all these, not one book was inspired of Jehovih, or His Son, God of heaven and earth. Nevertheless, there are many things within p. 707 them, that were of Jehovih and His angels. Howbeit, though they were put on record by men, and interpreted by men.

33. Looeamong, in these things sinneth not against Jehovih, for he did not cause his own name, Looeamong, to be made worshipful.

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