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Chapter XL

1. NOT less were the trials of Ennochissa; for his sub-Gods also revolted, and many of them assumed the names of the Saviors he had given to Chine'ya. And he also sent an army of two thousand million angel warriors down to the earth to destroy them, and break them up, and if need be to capture them, and cast them in hell.

2. Of these hosts, he made Yad'deth chief captain, giving him power to select his own captains and generals. And it came to pass, that a heavenly war ensued on the earth, in Chine'ya, betwixt the hosts of Ya'deth and the rebellious sub-Gods and their hosts, which lasted seventy years.

3. And Ya'deth gained the victory, clearing away all the rebel angels of the sub-Gods, and putting them to flight. Four of these rebel Gods fled into Argos, to Athena, where they established themselves securely.

4. Ennochissa now summoned Ya'deth and his victorious army to Eta-shong, his heavenly kingdom. And when he was before the throne, Ennochissa said unto him:

5. Thou hast beholden the machinations of my brother Triune God, Kabalactes, who hath falsely assumed the name, Budha, and proclaimed himself the All Highest God, and his heaven the All Highest Heaven of Heavens. Two things do I decree, this day and hour: An army of angels, for the earth, of two thousand millions; and thou Ya'deth, shalt be their commander, to do my will. And another army of angel warriors, for my heavenly kingdom of Eta-shong; and for my kingdom of Damaya, over Guatama.

6. For my heavenly army, thou, Loo Wan, shalt be commander for Eta-shong; and thou, Biwawotha, shalt be commender for Damaya.

7. And to ye of heaven, I assign the care and protection of my kingdoms with your armies. And ye shall wall your places around, and fortify me on every side with angel warriors. Yet, menace not the angels of Budha, nor of Looeamong. Nevertheless, if they offend, or are disrespectful of me and my kingdoms, ye shall arrest them, and provide places of torment for them, and cast them in.

8. But as for thee, Ya'deth, thou and thy hosts shalt return again to the earth, to mortals, and establish me as BRAHMA, which shall be my name on earth and in heaven from this time forth forever. And thou shalt possess p. 704 the oracles, and by all possible means establish me amongst mortals, as well as in Vind'yu and Chine'ya. And all who profess Brahma hereafter, shall be my subjects on their entrance into heaven.

9. And if it come to pass that Budha's mortal warriors fall upon the mortal Brahmins, to destroy them, then shalt thou consider that Budha is my enemy.

10. And thou and thy angel warriors shall obsess every Brahmin to take up arms, and war to the death every aggressing Budha. For Budha shall learn that I, Brahma, rule these heavens in mine own way.

11. So it came to pass, the four thousand million warriors of Ennochissa (now falsely named Brahma), were selected, and apportioned and marched off to their several places in great pomp and glory. To describe even one of these armies, with their music and their implements of war, their manual and procession, would require a large book. Then their vessels of war; their implements of fire and water; their banners and flags; and, above all, their enthusiasm. For many of them had been warriors in earth-life, and knew no other trade, and now exulted in the prospect of mortal blood and death.

12. Of the sub-Gods of Vind'yu and Chine'ya, Jehovih said: For this, alone, these things are good. For, in time to come, man of the earth will look abroad over the earth and say: How came the Vind'yu Gods in Roma? How came the Chine'ya Gods in Athena?

13. For, since they will not be able to answer their own questions, they will perceive, there must have been a heavenly cause that mortals knew not of.

14. For in time of the fulfillment of My revelations, it will not be sufficient unto either heaven or earth to re-establish spiritual communion; but it shall also be shown unto them that there are kingdoms and principalities in heaven. And they are ruled over by both good and bad Gods. Moreover, they shall understand that of a truth whoso worshipeth Budha shall go to Budha to be his slaves; and whoso worshippeth Brahma shall go to Brahma, and be his slaves.

15. I will make it plain to them that to worship a spirit, though he be a God, is but the giving of their own souls into bondage. For they shall in that day understand that the Great Spirit, the Ever Present, is not an idol in the figure of a man, sitting on a throne.

16. Moreover, spirits and mortals shall perceive that to deny My Person, will, soon or late, bring the doer into a trap from which he can not escape. Give then to Ennochissa the name Brahma, for it is his choice. And thou shalt perceive that the time will come, when he will seek to throw aside even this name, and even his own person, in order to escape hell.

17. Thus was established the two false Gods, Budha and Brahma. And at once there was a war in heaven, as well as on earth. And this was virtually the end of the schools and colleges in these heavens, and also the beginning of the breaking up of the factories and places of industry in the two kingdoms, Eta-shong and Haractu, in atmospherea.

18. As to the earth regions, Vind'yu and Chine'ya, this is how they stood in that day:

19. Chine'ya was so well established in the doctrines of Chine and Ka'yu, that the people shunned war and idolatry. The Saviors had gained but little footing. And now, when the Gods sought to inspire the people to war, in order to establish themselves, Brahma and Budha, only the most barbarous regions could be influenced.

20. Brahma, the false God, now perceiving the potency of Ka'yu's books, sent his angel warriors to inspire the Sun King, T'sin, to have all the books in Chine'ya destroyed, in order to reduce the empire to ignorance. Accordingly, the Sun King, T'sin, issued a decree, commanding all the books and tablets of Chine'ya to be destroyed.

21. Brahma said: I will have all, or destroy all. My angels shall not let sleep in peace, any king or governor in all this land, until he engage in the work of thus destroying mine enemy, Learning.

22. And there were destroyed, in one year, more than five million books, and one million tablets of stone and copper; being the destruction of the books of the ancients, for upward of twenty thousand years. Besides these, there were destroyed many of the books of Ka'yu, but not all of them.

23. In the meantime, the anti-war spirit of the people had cried out to the Creator: O Father, what shall we do to avert war, and to preserve the revelations of Thy holy ones of old?

24. And Jehovih answered them, through God of Paradise, Jehovih's Son, saying: Build ye walls against the barbarians. And your walls shall stand as a testimony of what ye are willing to do, rather than engage in war, even for self-preservation.

p. 705

25. Because ye have faith in Me, I will be with you even unto the end.

26. And it came to pass that the Faithists of Chine'ya built stone walls, the greatest buildings in all the world. And they stand to this day.

27. Jehovih said: Behold the works of My chosen. As long as these walls stand, they shall be testimony of the struggle of My people, to maintain themselves, by means of peace instead of war. And the walls shall be monuments to the Faithists of this land, who have perished by the false Gods, Brahma and Budha.

28. Yea, the testimony of these walls shall be stronger, in time to come, against Brahma and Budha, than though every stone were a sword and spear. And the followers of My Son, Ka'yu, shall loathe them with pity and hate.

29. In Vind'yu also, did the machinations of Budha and Brahma work sore mischief on mortals. In this country both of these false Gods decreed the destruction of all books and tablets, save such as looked favorable to their own doctrines. And there were here destroyed more than two million books and one million tablets, of stone and copper.

30. And the schools and colleges of the people were well nigh destroyed, the whole length and breadth of the land.

31. And in both, Chine'ya and Vind'yu, were there slain in war, in order to establish the names of these Gods amongst mortals, more than one hundred and forty millions of people, men, women and children.

32. By the angel warriors of these two Gods were mortals thus inspired in the work of destruction. Not only against the Faithists were these Gods, but against each other also. And mortals were their victims, for the glory and exaltation of the two heavenly kingdoms, Haractu and Eta-shong.

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