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Chapter XXXIX

1. WHEN God, Son of Jehovih, saw the work of the Triunes, he bewailed the ways of heaven.

2. Jehovih said to him: Bewail not, My Son, nor grieve for what they have done. But make thou a record of their works; for mortals will preserve a history of this period, which shall be called, the Era of Saviors. And it shall stand as the darkest era in the cycle of Bon.

3. But it shall come to pass on the earth, that the Triunes will cut themselves off in a way they see not. For mortals will worship the Saviors. Whereupon the Triunes will become divided in their heavenly kingdoms.

4. So God bewailed no more, but prepared a new army of a thousand million angels, to go down to the earth, to provide for receiving the spirits of such as were sure to be slain in wars near at hand.

5. Of these hosts, Eyodemus was given command, and he appointed the following officers (to each hundred million), to go with him to wit:

6. Sogothwich, Yutempasa, Loo Wan, Thagaik, Maratha, Wein, Shuberth, Le Shong, Taivi and Duraya.

7. Nor did they reach the earth any too soon, for war soon circled the whole earth around, and every nation and tribe and people were immured in bloody carnage.

8. This period was practically the end of the good works of the Triune, but equally so the beginning of their mighty kingdoms in heaven, which were destined, ere long, to overshadow the whole earth.

9. The war, they set on foot on earth, extended into their own kingdoms. And these three Gods, the Triunes, saw, that only by might and desperate vigor, could they preserve their heavens from anarchy.

10. Five of the sub-Gods of Kabalactes, of Vind'yu, revolted within his own kingdom, and set up places of their own. And they falsely assumed the names of the Saviors, who had been put to death, in order to establish the Trinity.

11. Kabalactes summoned his remaining chief officers to Haractu, his heavenly city, before his throne. And when they were before him, he said unto them:

12. This is the emergency of the Gods. My voice and my strong arm are raised up. Miscreants, whom I elevated to official positions in heaven, have betrayed their trust. With their legions they have seceded, and set up kingdoms of their own.

13. I have called you before me, that ye may jointly hear my decree, and obey. I will have order and harmony in my heaven. Neither shall there be but one God in my dominions, even myself. It is my will, therefore, that ye pursue these rebellious captains down to the earth, to their heavenly kingdoms, and despoil them utterly.

14. And if need be, ye shall capture them and their chief leaders, and cast them into hell. For they shall understand that I am not a God of peace, like the Jehovihian Gods, but a God of war.

15. For this purpose, I appoint Yima as my Holy Embassador and Earth Warrior. And I give to him two thousand million warriors, that he may make quick work of my rebellious chiefs.

16. My marshal shall select, therefore, for thee, Yima, the two thousand million angel warriors; and thou shalt appoint thine own generals and captains, and go at once down to the earth regions of these miscreants, and carry out my commandments.

17. Yima and his hosts did as commanded, but not suddenly; for an angel war ensued which lasted forty-six years, before the five rebellious Gods were beaten from their strongholds. And, even then, they were not captured and cast into hell; but they escaped, taking half a million angel warriors with them, and they migrated to Uropa, to the city of Roma, where they established themselves in security. Thus the deposed Vind'yu Gods became Gods of Roma.

18. Immediately after Yima succeeded in clearing Vind'yu, Kabalactes summoned him again to Heractu, his heavenly seat, before his Holy Council. When he had thus come, Kabalactes spoke from the throne, saying:

19. Because my wisdom hath triumphed in heaven and earth, I now take unto myself a new name, BUDHA. And from this day and hour I shall be called by no other name forever. And my heavenly place, my city p. 703 and my heavens, shall be known henceforth, forever, as Haractu, the Budhist heavenly kingdom, the All Highest Heaven of Heavens!

20. Thou, Yima, shalt repair again to the earth with thy two thousand million warring angels, and establish me, as the Budha. By fire and by sword, by blood and death shalt thou establish my name on the earth.

21. And thou shalt find a way to teach mortals, that I was Sakaya, and Sakaya was and is the Budha, Son of the Triune, Son of the Holy Ghost.

22. Jehovih had said: Behold the time will come unto both Gods and men who deny My All Person, when they will espouse even falsehood for sake of their own selfish ends.

23. And Kabalactes shall falsely assume, that he was Sakaya, and that Sakaya was and is Budha.

24. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Behold, he commandeth himself to be called Budha. Now I say unto thee, suffer this also to be, neither accuse thou him before heaven or earth of his falsehood.

25. Nay, but thou shalt also henceforth call him Budha, signifying ALL KNOWLEDGE, for it is his choice.

26. So it came to pass from this time after, Kabalactes was called Budha in heaven. And his angel hosts under Yima, who descended to the earth, inspired mortals, both through the oracles and by direct contact, to call Sakaya, Budha, and Budha, Sakaya. And these things were so. And in not many generations, mortals forgot that they were two persons; but they accredited all things to Budha of the spirit, and all things of the flesh to Sakaya, although the whole matter was false in fact.

27. Wherein, it came to pass, that the followers of Budha professed peace, but practiced war and conquest, setting out by bood and carnage and destruction to establish Budhism in Vind'yu.

28. Jehovih said to God: Even this shalt thou suffer them to do. For herein will they lay the foundation of the final overthrow of this false God, Budha. For they will put aside the Trinity of their own accord, retaining Budha and the Holy Ghost. Yea, they will ultimately teach, that Budha is itself but a principle, and that the Holy Ghost is but as nothing. They will say: War for Budha, and thou shalt attain Budha, which shall be followed by Nirvana, which they will also call nothing. And these things came to pass.

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