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1. WHEN the Triune Gods perceived the great work accomplished by God, Jehovih's Son, in Vind'yu and Chine'ya, thus going to the root of the resurrection, they were sorely troubled for the ultimate prospect of their own heavenly kingdoms.

2. Ennochissa, Triune of Eta-shong, the heavenly kingdom over Chine'ya, sent an invitation to his two brother Triunes, to come to his heavenly city, to confer as to what should be done.

3. Accordingly, Kabalactes and Looeamong went to Eta-shong, where they were received in great grandeur, by one thousand million angels, and conducted to Ennochissa's heavenly capital and to his throne.

4. After due salutations and ceremonies, the Triunes all took seats on the throne. Whereupon the Holy Council retired from the presence, leaving only the Lords-in-attendance and the chief marshals within the crescent of the throne.

5. Ennochissa said: My brothers, peace be with you, because of my great joy for your presence.

6. Behold, Chine'ya, my earthly kingdom is being sapped in the foundation by the Ka'yu'an (Confucian) doctrines. What more will these people care for the Trinity? Jehovih is triumphant.

7. Kabalactes said: As thou hast spoken of Chine'ya, so say I of Vind'yu: The doctrine of the Trinity is being entirely destroyed by the Sakaya'yan doctrines. Our heavenly kingdoms will lose their base of supplies for subjects. Jehovih is triumphant.

8. Looeamong said: My brothers, it is not my place to point out the mistakes of others. But ye twain have built great heavenly capitals and palaces. Your kingdoms are embellished, as these heavens never were before, with magnificent cities.

9. Now, whilst ye were thus building, p. 701 behold, I went with my legions down to the earth to war. I have not only overthrown many of the false Gods and Lords, but driven the worshipers of Jehovih to death.

10. Therefore, I have done little to beautify my heavenly kingdoms; but I rest above fear and apprehension. Nevertheless, whatsoever ye would, that I can do, to assist you out of your dilemmas, that will I do.

11. Now, after many suggestions and proposals, which were not accepted, Ennochissa said: As God, Jehovih's Son, hath taken an earthly course to insure his success, why shall not we also?

12. Behold, let us seek out a number of mortals also, and through them, establish our doctrines with mortals.

13. Looeamong said: A most wise suggestion.

14. Kabalactes said: This have I seen, since a long time, would be necessary to accomplish.

15. Thereupon a coalition was entered into by the three Triunes to give to mortals forty-nine Saviors, in order to establish the Trinity.

16. Which labor should be accomplished within two hundred years.

17. And it was also stipulated, that the whole forty-nine Saviors should be put to death ignominiously in order to win mortal sympathy.

18. To accomplish which, the Holy Confederacy provided, that each kingdom should supply one million angels for the army of inspiration, and that the same doctrine should be enunciated through every Savior, raised up for the work. And, accordingly, the three million inspiring angels were selected, all being above grade eighty, and these, being in three armies, were provided with one general officer to each army, called captain of the hosts.

19. For Looeamong's hosts, Thoth was made captain.

20. For Kabalactes' hosts, Yima was made captain.

21. For Ennochissa's hosts, Satree was made captain.

22. Accordingly, these three, Thoth, Yima and Satree, with their three millions, were sent down to the earth, to cover it around about in their own way, to raise up amongst mortals the required Saviors.

23. And there were thus given to the earth, in the space of less than two hundred years, forty-nine Saviors, to wit:

24. Rita, Gibbor, Gaal, Efrokin, Gargra, Thules, of the house of Thules, Etrus, Gadamon and Shofal; and all of these were of Egupt, and performed miracles, such as healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and hearing to the deaf, and raising spirits of the dead to life; and they preached the doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And the angels inspired their enemies to put them to death, that their doctrines might be sealed in blood. And this was done.

25. Of the land of Parsi'e, the following men: Adakus, Mithra, Bali, Malopesus, Gonsalk, Hebron, Belus, of the house of Belus, Megath, Yodoman and Beels. And these preached the same doctrines, and were also put to death in order to seal their words in blood. Some of them were boiled in oil; some given to the lions in the dens, and some nailed on the ugsa, and left to perish.

26. Of Vind'yu, the following: Indra, Yuth, Sakai, Withoban, Aria, Devatat, Chrisna, Laracqu, Hagre, Anathia, Jannassa and Janeirus. And these performed the same kind of miracles, and preached the same doctrines, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And they likewise suffered ignominious deaths, through the inspiration of the angel hosts.

27. Of Chine'ya, the following: Sam Sin, Ah Wah, Ah Chong, K'aou'foor, King Shu, Shaou and Chung Le. And these performed miracles, and preached the same doctrines. And they were also put to death ignominiously, being killed on the fetes, in order to seal their doctrines in blood.

28. Of Heleste and Uropa, the following: Datur, Promethus, Quirnus, Iyo, Osseo and Yohannas. And these taught the same doctrines, performing miracles also. And they were killed on the fete in like manner, that their teachings might be sealed in blood.

29. Of Guatama, the following: Manito, Quexalcote, Itura, Tobak and Sotehoo. And these performed miracles, taught the same (Triune) doctrines, and were all put to death ignominiously, that their doctrines might be sealed in blood.

30. By the same army of angels that inspired these priests and magicians to miracles and the preaching of the Triune doctrines, were they also betrayed, suffering death by enemies who were inspired by the same angel hosts to that end.

31. Now so far as the Triune doctrines affected mortals, it related chiefly to war. The confederate Gods had said:

32. War for righteousness sake is just. We go to the earth to put swords and spears in the hands of the innocent and upright, saying to them: Defend p. 702 yourselves! Establish yourselves! There is no Ever Present Person. All things were created out of the Holy Ghost. Depend upon yourselves. Rise up and be men, mighty to do the will of the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost!

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