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Chapter IX

1. NOW had the time come for the end of the first dawn of dan after the creation of man. And this was known in the etherean heavens, where lived countless millions of Jehovih's sons and daughters emancipated. And, as might be expected, they determined to descend from all sides to witness the labors of Ah'shong, and to receive his works as a profitable lesson for their own future on other new worlds.

2. Consequently, there began to appear in the firmament far-off stars, approaching; and these were the etherean ships in remote places, where the name of Ah'shong had been known for thousands of years. From all sides they came, growing brighter and brighter, larger and larger.

3. Ah'shong spoke to his companions, saying: Make ready, O my beloved. My friends and your friends are coming. Put our ship in order. Light the pillars of fire and spread out the sails, shining, that they may be glorified in Jehovih's name.

4. The proper persons accomplished these things, and to the eastward of Yeshuah the etherean ship of Ah'shong was anchored; and so great was the size thereof that there was room for the ethereans of Anakaron and upward of three hundred millions of the redeemed of earth besides.

5. Ah'shong said: When our friends arrive, we shall join them and make an excursion round the earth, discovering its rank and glorious promises; but as to the nine hundred millions of drujas which I sent off to Hudaow, in Ji'ya, we shall pass thither on our way to Anakaron.

6. Brighter and brighter grew the descending stars, the etherean ships from far-off worlds; and larger and larger, till in majesty they neared Yeshuah. Ah'shong then came down and sat at the foot of the throne, according to the custom of Gods. God came down and took him by the hand, saying: Son of Jehovih, that maketh thyself the least of men, arise, and take thy hosts, and embark in Jehovih's ship, going whithersoever thou wilt. Ah'shong rose up. The es'enaurs and trumpeters played and sang. Then Ah'shong said:

7. One more love have I in the world, O Jehovih. I go from Yeshuah, but my love remaineth. To thee, O p. 57 God, will I look back in hope and love, for thou wert raised by me. And to thy Lords what less could I say? Yea, and to all the hosts I leave within these realms.

8. Ah'shong touched God's right hand, and then saluting, with the third sign of emeth to Jehovih, departed, and the marshals conducted him off to the ship.

9. Ah'shong and his etherean hosts rose up in curtains of light; and presently the ship was loosened from its anchorage and floated upward, and all the angels entered into it; and the sails were spread out, and the mantles suspended on every side, till the whole vessel, with its thousands of masts and arcs, looked like a world on fire. The inhabitants of Yeshuah feared and trembled for the mighty works of the Gods and Goddesses; and yet, as the es'enaurs on the departing ship chanted, more than a million of voices, the Yeshuans sang with them, amidst their tears, with souls overflowing, with awe and love and admiration.

10. And in this same time the descending stars of other Gods and Goddesses, the etherean ships from far-off worlds, were drawing nearer and nearer; and, on every side, the firmament was as if alive with worlds on fire.

11. Presently they came, first one and then another of the ethereans, and they made fast to Ah'shong's ship, until thus more than five hundred were united into one mighty vessel, and yet so near to Yeshuah that all could be seen.

12. And when they had united there were countless millions of angels thus in close proximity, many who had known one another for thousands of years; and some who were older than the earth, and knew its history. And these had companions as old as themselves; and they were ripe in experience with corporeal earths, stars and suns in other regions of Jehovih's kingdoms.

13. So great was the wisdom of these Gods and Goddesses that to come within the earth's atmosphere was sufficient to enable them to read all the souls and prayers of mortals, and all the thoughts and desires of the spirits of the lower heaven belonging to the earth. To each and all of them the voice of Jehovih was ever present, and their power was like unto their wisdom.

14. Jehovih hath said: To the corporean I have given power to hear one or two things at the same moment of time; but My Gods can hear intelligently tens of thousands of men speaking at the same time. Yea, they can find a way to answer them also.

15. When the ships were ready for departure, Ah'shong said: Let us pass low over Yeshuah, and ye shall hear and see those I have founded in a new heaven. His companions said: Jehovih's will be done. Thereupon they proceeded; and after they had visited Yeshuah they descended to the earth, and round about the places of the Lords; and when they had seen all, and heard the explanation, from those with Ah'shong, of the state the earth was in, and of the heavens of the earth, they rose higher and higher, and sailed toward Anakaron, whither Ah'shong had invited them for repast and social intercourse.

16. Thus departed the ethereans from the earth and atmospherea. This, then, was the beginning of the cycles of dan; and the first dawn was closed and past.

17. And the earth Gods, that is, the Lords, who were now called Adonya, were such as had been brought forth out of the earth. And God, who had dominion in the atmospherea of the earth, was also an earth-born; and so were all the angels in atmospherea the product of the earth.

18. And in Jehovih's name were the Lords and God appointed and crowned to rule in their respective places, and they thus became the instruments of Jehovih for His glory.

19. Jehovih said: Whoever serveth Me, in My name, is My son, or My daughter. The Light of My Judgment falleth upon them sufficient for the time and place. Inasmuch as ye honor them, ye honor Me also. Through the flowers of the field I express Myself in color and perfume; through the lion and mastodon I express Myself with power and voraciousness; through the lamb and the dove I express myself in meekness and docility. Through man I express Myself in words and actions; and all men, the wise and the ignorant, are channels of My expression. Some have thick tongues and poor speech, nevertheless they are My babes, My sons and daughters.

20. Jehovih said: After the Se'muan age I gave to the earth from My etherean heavens sons and daughters, and they abode with mortals for three thousand years. And My ethereans established loo'is on the lands of the earth; and they commanded the loo'is, saying to them: Your office is to lead mortals by inspiration to dwell together, man and woman, as husband p. 58 and wife; and in such adaptation that their offspring shall rise higher in wisdom, love and power, than the father and mother.





21. Jehovih said: I will confound the wise man in the latter days; for he shall not discover why man and woman lived not indiscriminately, as the beasts. Yea, I will show him that they who profess Me are led by Me, that they who deny Me go down to indiscriminate communion. Out of My works, shall the lessons of the early days of the earth show the presence of My hand from the beginning. By My loo'is was man and woman inspired to raise up such sons and daughters as would glorify Me and My works; by My loo'is have I maintained My foothold amongst mortals.

22. Such as could comprehend Me, having faith that My presence in Person should ultimately triumph for the highest and best, I commanded to be called FAITHISTS. Since the beginning, have I kept a thread of this line inhabiting the earth and her heavens.

23. At the end of the second cycle there were in atmospherea six thousand million angels, who were for the most part in darkness; not knowing who they were, or where they dwelt; nor knowing nor caring whether there were other heavens or not.

24. And now began wars in atmospherea; thousands of angels against thousands, and millions against millions.

25. For the possession of sections of the earth, and the mortal inhabitants thereof, went forth these millions of warring angels. And it came to pass that mortals also fell to war; and, by the obsessing angels, were made to destroy their own cities and kingdoms.

26. And the attractions of this great wickedness caused other angels of heaven to desert their schools and factories, and descend down to mortals.

27. Thus again were the kingdoms of God and his Lords set at nought; the harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms had long since ceased to be.

28. The first harvest was two hundred years, and the number of Brides and Bridegrooms was six hundred millions, of grade ninety-two.

29. The second harvest was two hundred years, and was eight hundred million angels, of grade eighty-nine.

30. The third harvest was six hundred years, and was two thousand million angels, of grade eighty-three.

p. 59

31. The fourth harvest was five hundred years, and was twenty-three hundred million angels, of grade seventy-four.

32. The fifth harvest was three hundred years, and was six hundred million angels, of grade sixty-two.

33. The sixth harvest was four hundred years, and nine hundred million angels, of grade fifty-one.

34. And this was the last harvest; for none were of sufficient grade to abide in the etherean heavens.


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