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Chapter XXXII

1. KA'YU grew up to be a man, in every way adapted to the work for which the loo'is had had him born into the world by command of God.

2. And it also came to pass, that disciples were also born, and duly prepared by the angels of God to become co-workers with Ka'yu. Of these disciples, seventy-two were called, chief disciples, that is, six from each of the twelve kingdoms and sub-kingdoms of Chine'ya.

3. God had said: Suffer not Ka'yu and his chief disciples to know they are instruments in my hands. Neither suffer them to know that my angels inspire them, nor suffer them to know that they come from their respective kingdoms by my voice through my angels.

4. In one age, to say a matter cometh by inspiration or by the angels, is to render the matter impotent; and yet, in another age, to not profess inspiration or angel-presence, is to render the matter impotent.

5. The latter condition is now upon Chine'ya. Let my angels heed this.

6. When Ka'yu was ready for the work of God, there came to him from the twelve provinces of Chine'ya seventy-two men and women of great learning, having heard of Ka'yu's wisdom. None of these knew, they had been inspired to come.

7. Ka'yu said unto them: Why have ye come? Some gave one reason, and some another.

8. Ka'yu said: These great happenings are the work of the Ever Present.

9. Let us conduct ourselves as Gods; the Great Spirit will then answer us.

10. Let us sit in crescent, after the manner of Gods.

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