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Chapter XXXI


1. THOANACTUS, Chief of the million loo'is sent by God down to the earth, to Chine'ya, to raise up an heir capable of the voice of God, sent word to God in Paradise, saying:

2. Greeting to thee, O God, in the name of Jehovih. Thy Son is born! And his name is Ka'yu. He is son of Heih, who is sub-king of Te'sow. Behold, thy son Ka'yu is k'te'sune (iesu) in the borders, whose mother, Ching-tsae, is not fifteen years old. And Heih was father to twelve children previously.

3. Let us rejoice before Jehovih, who hath quickened into life this tree of universal knowledge.

4. Also my hosts have brought about more than three thousand births, who shall become his disciples in time to come.

5. God returned answer to Thoanactus, saying: In Jehovih's name all praise to thee and thy hosts. Thy words have been proclaimed in Paradise! There is great joy in heaven. Send the grades of mortal resurrection in Chine'ya, with doctrines and rites and ceremonies and the dominion of the spirits of the dead.

p. 693

6. Thoanactus then applied to the angels who had charge of the numerating and appraising of mortals as to their grades and spiritual intercourse; and having obtained the reports, he made selections, and reported as followeth, to wit:

7. Thoanactus, greeting to God, Son of Jehovih: Ling, sun king of Chine'ya, with twelve sub-kingdoms, one to represent every month of the year. Four hundred and six millions of mortals; twenty-seven hundred million angels, not fettered by angel tyrants. Of the angel emissaries of the Triune God, fifteen hundred millions.

8. Mortal grade, eight; maximum, eighty; minimum, nothing. Of fifties, one to seven. Of twenty-fives, one to three; of tens, one to one; but of seventy-fives, on to forty, mostly guardian births.

9. The rise in the eleventh year, two; in the twenty-third, five; in the hundredth, twelve.

10. Of rites and ceremonies, seventy-two; of sacrifice without compunction, thirty-five.

11. Funeral rites, ninety-eight; observances in full, forty-five.

12. Perception in su'is, one to three hundred and sixty-two; in sar'gis, one to six thousand two hundred and eight.

13. Of spirits in sar-gis, one to thirty-three thousand; of first and second resurrections, mostly ashars.

14. Thoanactus saith: Because Chine instituted reverence for the dead, the funeral rites have become worshipful.

15. After the body is put away, either buried or burnt, mortals read prayers on three succeeding days, at sunset, chanting the virtue and love of the dead; and oft the spirit returneth to them in the house, taking on sar'gis, like a mortal, and talking to their mortal kin.

16. Of drujas, not attained to live alone, seven hundred millions. Of these, thirty per cent are in declension, and seventy in ascension.

17. Of mortals in druk, sixteen per cent; of mortals in idleness, including druks, twenty per cent.

18. Of such as are addicted to secret evils and pollution, seventy per cent; of abortionists one per cent, of one half.

19. Thoanactus saith: Owing to the veneration for, and to the rites of the dead, is speug's increase attributed.

20. Furthermore, thy servant herewith sendeth to thee, for the libraries of heaven, a full record of the cities and country places of Chine'ya; and the grade and rate of every mortal.

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