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Chapter VIII

1. IN the second year of Yeshuah, God (that is Ah'shong) caused to be established in his heaven all requisite places of learning and industry, whereby and wherein es'yans might be educated to good works, and to a general knowledge of Jehovih's kingdoms (universe), and there volunteered a sufficient number of ethereans as teachers and practisers of work for all that was required.

2. God said: Now that the earth and heaven are purified from evil, my Lords shall deliver the es'yans to the asaphs, and enjoin them to deliver in Yeshuah, which I have established a short distance from the earth as a barrier against their returning to mortals. Jehovih said: Suffer not the blind to lead the blind.

3. And it was so; at the time mortals died, their spirits were taken by the asaphs to Yeshuah; and to make this an acceptable labor to the es'yans, God said: Tell my Lords of the earth to teach mortals by inspiration and otherwise of my kingdom, Yeshuah.

4. And it so came to pass through the Lords and the ashars, that is, the guardian spirits with mortals, that the name, Yeshuah, was established on the earth. God said: In the time of kosmon, men shall say: Whence came the name of heavenly things? But Yeshuah shall lie hid away, and Jehovih will in that day stretch forth His hand and disclose all.

5. But mortals were thick in tongue, and could not say Yeshuah, and they said I. E. Su; hence came the name of many men, Iesu, 3 signifying, without evil, which is the ultimate salvation of the soul.

6. Jehovih spake through God, saying: The time of the end of dawn cometh, and My emancipated sons and daughters shall return to their places, taking the resurrected with them. But that the earth and lower heaven may not be left in darkness, provide ye a God and Lords and marshals and messengers, and all other officers, to rule and teach in My name.

7. From the born of earth shall ye make them, and they shall hold office for two hundred years, and four hundred years, and six hundred years, according to the atmospherean cycles.

8. Suffer not My etherean hosts to remain longer than dawn, either on the earth or within atmospherea, for I shall take the earth into dark regions in order to build it up to a higher state for the time that cometh after.

9. The voice departed. God said: Let the voice of the council deliberate on this matter, and speak before the Father. For I will provide also a heaven in the ancient place of Hored, and it shall be called Bispah, for it shall be a place of reception for the spirits of the dead preparatory to their being brought to Yeshuah.

10. In course of time there were raised up many of the earth-born, and God selected them and appointed them to fill the places; and he founded Bispah, and officered it according to the command of Jehovih. After God established rites and ceremonies, and processions and dances, with sacred words, in Yeshuah, he commanded his Lords to give the same things to mortals, and they so fulfilled all that was designed from the beginning.

11. In the seventh year of dawn God commanded his council to select another God and Lords, and other officers; and the council proceeded after the manner of the ancients, selecting the most learned and the purest and holiest; according to their rank in Godliness chose they them, and a record was made of these matters and deposited in the library of Yeshuah.

12. So it came to pass that God called in his own Lords of the earth, and sat apart the first day of the new moon as the day on which he would consecrate the God and Lords, his successors; and he called the day Mas, the name of which endureth to this day of kosmon. Furthermore, God established the moon's day (mas) on the earth as a time of consecration. (And this is the origin of saying mass).

13. When the chosen were in place before the throne, God said: By command of Jehovih are ye brought before me, His Son; in His name will I p. 56 consecrate ye to the places commanded of Him.

14. The marshals then conducted him that ranked highest up to the seat of the throne. God said:

15. In the name of Jehovih, and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, do I ordain thee God of heaven and earth. He that receiveth from my hand receiveth from my Father, who raised me up.

16. The initiate said: All power cometh from the Father. All wisdom cometh from the Father. All love cometh from the Father. In His name and by virtue of His commandments through His Son, receive I all that is put upon me, for His glory, forever!

17. God then said: Give me a crown, O Father, for Thy Son! A scarlet light descended from above, and God reached forth his hands and wove it into a crown and placed it on the initiate's head, saying: God of heaven and earth, thee I crown. And now shalt thou receive also the sacred triangle, which is the heirloom of the Gods of earth. And he hung it around his neck, adding: And since there can be but one God on earth or in this heaven, I herewith uncrown myself in Jehovih's name and salute thee, O God, GOD OF EARTH AND HEAVEN!

18. Ah'shong now stood to the right, and God, who was ordained, went and sat on the throne, and there descended red and blue lights from above, enveloping him completely, and he was quickened. He said:

19. Let the initiates for Lords of earth approach the throne of the Most High Jehovih!

20. The five Lords came forward. God said: Join hands and receive ye from the Father. By virtue of the Power, Wisdom and Love of Jehovih, vested in me, receive I thee as the highest chosen; and I proclaim thee Lord 4 of earth, in Jehovih's name! Accept this crown from heaven above, the like of which cannot be woven from earthly things; by its power shalt thou remain in accord with Yesuah and the kingdoms above.

21. God fashioned the crowns and then crowned them Lords of the five divisions of the earth. God said: Retire thou aside and choose thy messengers and officers, and after ordaining them, depart to the kingdom prepared for thee. The Lords said:

22. In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I accept that which Thou hast put upon me. With all my wisdom and strength and love will I serve Thee, O my Father, Jehovih!

23. The Lords retired; and the es'enaurs sang, more than a million of voices in concert!


55:3 The original of iesus, or jesu, or jesus. See tablet Se'moin, Saphah, and v. 34.

56:4 Where hands are joined the persons are addressed as one person

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