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Chapter XXV

1. THEONACTUS, angel chief of the loo'is, that brought forth Sakaya, seeing the resolution of Sakaya, departed at once to Paradise, before God on the throne, to receive the commission of Jehovih, and to establish a line of es'ean light to the mortal sphere.

2. And thereupon, God caused his officers to select from the volunteers the highest grades, and to arrange them in a line of light down to the earth, to Sakaya, that the voice of God and his Holy Eleven might speak through Sakaya, with the wisdom of Jehovih. The hosts to be under the direction of Thoanactus.

3. The million loo'is were also summoned to their places in the line; and in five days' time, the light of the throne of God was made one with the soul of Sakaya, and he began preaching, even from the steps of the palace of the king, his father.

4. In the meantime, the loo'is of the hosts of Thoanactus inspired their mortal wards, men and women, who had been born into the world to become disciples and followers of Sakaya, to come before him.

5. And it came to pass, that presently, there assembled in Sakaya's native city, to hear him preach, men and women from remote distances. So that people said, one to another: Such coming of strangers, proveth that the Great Spirit is with Sakaya.

6. These, then, that follow, are the substance of the doctrines preached by Sakaya, being a re-establishing of the Zarathustrian law, that is to say:

7. I am but a man; worship not me. Neither honor ye me for my words; for they are not my words in fact.

8. All men's wise words are the accumulation of things previous; nothing is new. Nor do I proclaim any new doctrine or new rites and ceremonies.

9. On the contrary, I declare my follies publicly before you. Inasmuch as I have been an example of folly, learn ye to be wise by not following my past footsteps.

10. In my youth, I was quickened to see the miseries and sorrows and afflictions of mortals. And I cried out unto Ahura'Mazda, as the priests had directed me, to find some sure way to do great good in the world.

11. But in the legends of the ancients I beheld that certain signs and miracles had attended Capilya and Zarathustra. So I grieved to attain to signs and miracles.

12. Ye know the rest. I fasted and prayed and tortured my flesh, to make the earth abhorrent in my sight, even according to the rules of the Brahmin priests.

13. But nothing came to me more than to the commonest magician.

14. So I declare unto you, I have renounced Brahminism and asceticism, and taken up the Zarathustrian religion, which is, that good works are the only salvation.

15. To know, then, what are good works, and to apply the same unto the inhabitants of the earth, should be the chief study of a preacher.

16. And, since most crime and misery come because of poverty, and because of the division of the affairs of men, it is wise to devise, first, a remedy against poverty, and second, a means of attraction to bring about a brotherhood between men.

17. To accomplish which, the association of families of tens and twenties and hundreds and thousands, with rab'bahs (priests), unto each, as Capilya taught, is the highest and best plan.

18. In which families, there shall be neither buying nor selling, nor ownership, nor divisions, nor castes, nor privileges of one above another, nor rich, nor poor.

19. When Sakaya was asked: How about such as can work fast, and are strong, and can accomplish much, shall they not have preference over those that produce little?

20. Sakaya said: A certain man had two sons, one was strong, and the other weak, and yet that father distinguished not between his sons in his will. Was he then just?

21. They said: A most just father.

22. Sakaya said: So declare I unto you the Ormazdian law: to give unto one another all things required, and without distinction as to strength, or as to expertness.

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