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Chapter XXIII

1. ENNOCHISSA said: According to the splendor of a kingdom, so is the ruler thereof glorified: this I have learned. Therefore Eta-shong shall surpass all other heavenly places. Thus spake he before his Lords.

2. Vazista said: Thy Lords are of the same mind. As for Looeamong and Kabalactes, they are more bent on the affairs of earth than of heaven.

3. Ennochissa spent two hundred years in building and beautifying his heavenly city, Eta-shong, employing more than two thousand million slaves for that purpose.

4. And, as to his heavenly palace, and the palace of his Holy Council, in grandeur and magnificence, the like had not been before in any of the lower heavens.

5. The circuit of the columns of fire, of which there were one million, was equal to half the breadth of the land of Chine'ya. In the front of his palace were four hundred thousand arches and pillars, and leading up to the foot of the throne, seventy rises (stair-steps), with a breadth of one thousand lengths. In front of the arches was an arena, four thousand lengths across, and this was ornamented with one hundred thousand fountains of fire and water. Interspersed, here and there, on the walls and arches, were hanging gardens of flowers, and drapery of gold and silver.

6. And as to the workmanship displayed, it was so fine that no language can convey an idea thereof to mortal understanding, save, indeed, it be said, everything was represented that is on the earth and in the heavens thereof.

7. The officers of the palace, next in grade below the Holy Council, the Lords, marshals and recorders, were generals, captains, inspectors, surveyors, receivers and builders, and these were all above grade ninety.

8. There were maintained within the palace arena half a million es'enaurs and trumpeters, four million fire and water servants, and three million bearers of burdens; and yet, beside these, there were six million caterers and servants.

9. Only officers of rank could cross the arena, or approach the arches by walking upright; all others had to crawl on their bellies in approaching the throne, saying prayers the while.

10. Now, although the other Triunes had great capitals and palaces, they were not to be compared with Ennochissa's.

11. Thus labored this Triune, even to the neglect of his earthly dominions.

12. And it came to pass that God, Jehovih's Son, in Paradise sowed the seed of faith in Chine'ya in favor of the Creator; so that, by the end of two hundred years, nearly all the spirits of the dead went not to the Triune, but to God in Paradise.

13. And God's angel missionaries went into this Triune's heavenly kingdom, and won many converts to Jehovih.

14. So that Ennochissa discovered, indeed, that his heavenly kingdom was losing ground.

15. Thereupon he resolved to enter the field of war, and to destroy all mortals in Chine'ya that worshipped the Great Spirit. And he also resolved to drive out from his heavens all angels who believed in Jehovih, or who were missionaries unto the kingdom of God.

16. Of all the Triunes, Ennochissa was the first to declare war against Jehovih, which was exactly in opposition to his own professions, when the Confederacy was first formed.

17. From this time on, Ennochissa was called by the Faithists in heaven, a false God.

18. As yet, the other two Triunes had fought more for Jehovih than against him.

19. After this, both mortals and angels in Chine'ya, knew no peace. And when no war existed betwixt any two or more cities or states, and the people were Jehovians, Ennochissa, with his hundreds of millions of angel warriors, obsessed such mortals, and plunged them into war, to make them destroy one another.

20. From these scenes of horror turn ye now, and learn of the kingdom of God, Jehovih's Son.

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