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Chapter XXI

1. BAAL, God of the Argos'yans (Greeks), called together two thousand million angel warriors, and after properly officering them, caused them to assemble in Beth'hagas, a sub-kingdom of heaven over the Tillag mountains, to the north of Macedon, and he said unto them:

2. Behold, your Creator, who I am! By my breath upon the earth ye came forth. I am he, who was of old called, De'yus, Lord God of heaven and earth. All places are my places, all dominion is mine.

3. My heavens gave I unto you for your inheritance forever. But an evil Goddess, Ashtaroth, hath come to despoil you.

4. And she hath sworn upon her thighs to cast you into endless torments.

5. Behold, I have sworn a new oath on the sun and moon and stars! Ye shall capture her, and cast her and all her angels into hell, to so abide forever.

6. For I will clear the heavens and the earth, and they shall be clean and full of delight.

7. Hear ye, then, the commandment of your God, Baal, ruler of heaven and earth: Ye shall go down to the earth, to the Argos'yans, and obsess them, man, woman and child, and inspire them to terrible deeds of blood and havoc and death against the Parsi'e'ans who are coming against them.

8. And whilst ye are thus providing corporeal destruction for this evil Goddess, my heavenly hosts under Yaawochad, my Lord of Agansetha, shall attack her angel armies in every quarter of these heavens.

9. And as fast as her drujas are captured, they shall be cast into the hells of Gotha, which I have prepared for them. And to all my valorous workers will I give great promotion and power. Ye shall have servants and slaves without number.

10. Now, it came to pass, that many years of war and destruction ensued; but Baal's hosts were too powerful for Ashtaroth. And so Baal not only overcame her angel warriors on the earth, but in her heavenly capital also. And his legions rushed upon her, and captured her. Whereat her own angels turned against her, perceiving now that she was an imposter, and not the Creator.

11. And they bound her, and carried her and her Lords and Gods off to Toosemmes, a heavenly place of foul smells, in Gotha, and they built here a place of torment for her and them, and cast them in. And they brought hither tens of thousands of her officers, and cast them in, and also the spirits of kings and queens and of generals and captains who had been her devotees, who were slain in battle, and who were yet in chaos.

12. Thus ended the God-ship of Ashtaroth. And there were thus cast into this hell, voluntary and involuntary, two thousand million angels.

13. Looeamong, the Triune God, said: This is the end, number one; next shall fall Baal; and him will I cast in hell also.

14. As to mortals, Xerxes' mighty armies lived not to return to Parsi'e, but were scattered and destroyed. As to the Argos'yans, they were a ruined people.

15. And all those countries were covered over with the spirits of the dead, in chaos.

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16. For these wars had been going on for many, many years.

17. Hear ye, next of Kabalactes, Triune God of Vind'yu and her heavens.

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