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Chapter XIX

1. GOD called up Erastes, prince of messengers, and he said unto him: Thou hast heard the words of thy God and of Taenas. Take therefore thirty thousand and four hundred messengers, that is, one for each and all of my remaining kingdoms, and go and proclaim the same unto them, that they, having due notice, may manage their affairs with wisdom and foresight. Erastes said: Jehovih's will and thine be done! And he saluted and withdrew, going to the palace of the messengers, and choosing his hosts, whom he instructed in regard to the message. And he gave to each of them power to choose their own officers, and to provide their own vessels of travel. And in not many days thereafter, they all departed.

2. Now it came to pass, that the following kingdoms soon fell to pieces, and drifted into the Triune Confederacy, p. 680 namely: Sho'e'gan, and her twenty-eight sub-kingdoms, all in the hadan regions; Ghi'e'wan, and her forty-four heavenly hadan kingdoms; Haotus, with seven heavenly hadan kingdoms, and five sub-kingdoms; Tuwahtal, and thirty kingdoms in the first resurrection in the plateau Theovrahkistan; Livragga, and seventy-one heavenly sub-kingdoms, of which thirty-eight were ready to enter the second resurrection; Jahkin and Mouru, with ninety-seven heavenly hadan kingdoms, of which eighty-seven were promoted to the second resurrection; Ganzoe, with four hundred hadan kingdoms, of which many were below the first resurrection; Hapsu, with four heavenly kingdoms of seventy million angels in the second resurrection; Iturba, with twelve heavenly kingdoms of one hundred and four million angels in the second resurrection, half of whom were as high as fifty in the grades; Wantawacha, with thirty heavenly kingdoms, with three hundred million angels in the second resurrection, three-fourths of whom were upward of grade fifty.

3. Of the seven lower kingdoms of the second sphere, there were eight hundred million angels of the first resurrection, who migrated from their provinces to the Triune regions, Amesha; and they destroyed the road behind them.

4. Now, when God saw the great secession of his heavenly kingdoms, and their allegiance to the Triunes, his soul was filled with sorrow. And the Voice of Jehovih came to him, saying: Why takest thou sorrow to thy soul for these things? Shall a God grieve, because his burden is made lighter? Behold, in this day and hour the Gods and Lords of the Triune are rejoicing with great joy, because of these accessions. Yea, they perceive not, what a load they are taking on their own shoulders.

5. But thou shalt send agents amongst the Triunes, especially into their capitals and their chief kingdoms.

6. So, God appointed many agents, different from messengers, for they were to be under the command of none but God. God said unto them: Ye shall go to the places I appoint unto each one of you, as travelers and sojourners in your own way, and observe the doings of the Triunes, especially the chiefs and leaders, Lords and Gods, and their teaching and government, and in your own good time depart out of the place and return hither and inform my Holy Council and my Holy Eleven.

7. And the agents went forth as commanded.

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