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Chapter XVII

1. GOD proclaimed a day of recreation in Paradise, that the inhabitants might meet Moses and his hosts, and rejoice therewith. And great was that day in Paradise.

2. On the following day, Moses departed for the Eguptian people, that had been in hell with Nu-ghan, going to the place of deliverance. And there were of these spirits, eleven millions four hundred thousands. And Moses conferred with the inspectors as to places, and having decided on a convenient region, Elaban, he ordered their removal thither.

3. And Moses went with them to Elaban, an isolated region on the Aratesaian plateau, and remained with them one hundred and twelve days, establishing them with nurseries, hospitals and factories; and he appointed officers for them, to every group and series, going amongst them in person and ministering to tens of thousands of them, and providing them places of worship.

4. After that, Moses appointed Salesmon as captain over them. Thereafter, Moses departed, and returned to Paradise, where he remained two days more, and then took leave, and departed for his own heavenly place in Nirvania. But ere he departed, he said: When the a'ji'an forest is past and gone, and it be Jehovih's will, I shall return again to look after my hosts.

5. And now was God's attention directed to the Hebrews, the Faithists of western Arabin'ya, where the God Baal had gained access and power; having affiliated with one, Dagon, a false God, located in those regions, who maintained six earthly oracle-houses and a small heavenly kingdom of his own.

6. And it came to pass, that the Hebrews were a divided people. A small minority of them still worshipped Jehovih, having colleges of prophecy and places of learning. But the great majority of them were worshipers of the Lord and God, believing the Great Spirit was only a large man in heaven, after the manner of Baal, or Dagon, or Ashtaroth, or any other God.

7. God said of them: Though they pretend to be of many kinds, I see but two: Those who worship the Ever Present, Jehovih; and those who are drifting into heathenism.

8. Mine eyes behold the true Faithists with colleges and with books of learning; but, as for the others, they are becoming consulters of the oracles (spirits), the same as the heathens.

9. How can they remain a united people? The Gods of one city and temple teach one doctrine, and the Gods of another place teach another doctrine.

10. God had previously sent to Ebeneezer one, Jerub, with ten thousand assistant angel strategists, to be with the king of the Faithists. Jerub now p. 678 asked for other ten thousand, and God sent them to him. And God said unto Jerub:

11. A war will presently result between Baal and Ashtaroth and Dagon and Haughak; and these Gods will not only war in heaven, but they will carry their battles down to mortals.

12. And the Israelites will not only forsake their ancient doctrine of peace, but will become great warriors, both against other nations and peoples, and against one another.

13. Take thou heed, O Jerub, of the words of thy God; and whilst Baal and Ashtaroth are in conflict and neglectful of the temples and oracles, possess thou them.

14. Better is it, that these false Gods win unto themselves as dutiful subjects, five angels, than one mortal.

15. Guard thou well all the colleges of prophecy against the emissaries of these false Gods. And see to it, that the worshipers of Jehovih have born unto themselves a goodly number of prophets.

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