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Chapter VII

1. WHEN all the first best spirits of the lower heaven, and such as dwelt with mortals, were taken away and domiciled in Yeshuah, there were left only drujas (spirits of darkness) on the face of the earth. For one whole year God left the earth void of Jehovih's light.

2. Mortals loved more to commune with the spirits of their kindred, who knew little of heaven, than they did with ethereans who were wise and holy.

3. God said: What man or what woman have ye found who saith: Come ye angels of Jehovih, tell me wherein I can do more good works, for I thirst, and am hungry to serve Jehovih with all my wisdom and strength in doing good to my fellows?

4. Rather do they turn away from such, and drink in the tales of the strolling druj, and so wrap themselves in darkness. For this reason shall they find darkness in heaven and earth; and they shall be as one who is sick and broken down in conceit.

5. When the year of darkness was ended God sent pruners around about the earth and in the lower heaven of the earth. Two millions of pruners sent he forth, saying to them: Find all the evil spirits dwelling with mortals, whether they be fetals or familiars, and gather them into one place. Then find the spirits and fairies who have taken up caves and waterfalls on earth as their abode, and bring them to the same place. Then find the idiotic and chaotic spirits who dwell on battle-fields, and bring them to the same place. Then find the lusters, who dwell in old castles and ruined cities, and in houses of evil, and when they are going out for raids on mortals, seize them and bring them to the same place.

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6. The ethereans went and collected all the evil spirits and the spirits of darkness belonging to the earth, and brought them to a place in atmospherea, and there were of them nine hundred millions.

7. God said: Prepare a ship suitable to transport them to Hudaow, in Ji'ya, and there provide them a kingdom to themselves, giving them a God and Lords and proper officers to discipline and educate them for Jehovih's kingdoms.

8. Thus were they removed, and the earth and its lower heaven were purified from evil spirits by the decree of God in Yeshuah, in the second year of the first dawn of dan.

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