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Chapter XV


1. AGAIN God called before his throne a million loo'is, and appointed Etchessa chief over them, saying:

p. 674

2. Thou, O Etchessa, shalt go down to the earth, to the land of Vind'yu, taking these hosts with thee. And thou shalt establish a heavenly place of worship, which shall be thy head-quarters.

3. Behold, I have given thee many generations in which to bring about the desired result. Survey thou, then, the generations of Faithists in that land, and take thy choice as to place and caste and family.

4. He, whom thou shalt bring forth for this purpose, shall be of some royal family, a prince of high estate.

5. I shall prove through him, that for love of righteousness, and to serve Jehovih, he will forsake his kingdom and family and friends, and all earthly things and desires, and make himself as a poor man, dwelling with the poor, laboring with them, teaching them, and instructing them.

6. For, because of the idolatries that will be amongst these people, they will be bound in caste; but he, whom I will teach through, shall prove unto the world that the service of Jehovih requireth of men, that Jehovih shall stand uppermost, even above kin and caste. In the example of which willing sacrifice, man shall be taught, that all the evils of the earth can be overcome.

7. And thou shalt provide unto this man many disciples, and roadways for him to travel, and places to preach; and provide followers unto him, to go about with him. For without these, his preaching and practice would be of little avail. See to it, then, that thy hosts control the generations of men, that there may be born in the world a sufficient number, to be disciples and followers of his doctrines, that he may be a power in the world for re-establishing the Faithists in the Great Spirit.

8. And thou shalt so provide these births, that they will be of the same period of time. What sayest thou, Etchessa?

9. Etchessa said: In Jehovih's name I am thy servant, with rejoicing. And I answer thee also for these my hosts, that this is a joy unto them, for Jehovih's glory.

10. God said: To which end I crown thee, CHIEF OF LOO'IS, for the land of Vind'yu! And God crowned Etchessa; and he gave badges to the other loo'is.

11. And thereafter Etchessa and his hosts filed past the throne of God, duly saluting, and they also departed, going to the earth, to the land of Vind'yu. Thus were loo'is empowered of God, to bring into the world the heir, SAKAYA. More of him anon.

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