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Chapter XIII

1. AND there came to Paradise, of Lords and high officers, whose heavenly places had fallen, different companies of tens and twenties and even hundreds, from various heavenly regions around about the earth, and having secured audience before God and his Holy Council, they said:

2. Since we have been faithful in all things, and dutiful servants to Jehovih, what have we gained? Our kingdoms and high places have fallen to pieces from no fault of our own. Yea, our angels have gone off into anarchy. Where, then, is the justice of Jehovih?

3. God said unto them: Of what profit under the sun is discussion?

4. If ye fail in one way, try another; and in no case seek to justify yourselves before Jehovih. He is Judge!

5. There are already hells that have been standing for years. Is it not wiser that ye join together, and go and deliver them? Behold, Jehovih hath furnished us roadways beforehand; and His Voice came to us prophesying that this same darkness would come upon us. And ye were advised, and had sufficient time to provide for the worst.

6. Go ye forth, then, not complaining, but rejoicing, and in Jehovih's name doing with all your wisdom and strength, regardless of favor.

7. Thus they came, group after group, for years, before God; but were forever rebuked in the spirit of Jehovih, and they went away, but not to work righteously, but to sympathize with one another, and to complain against God and against the Holy Council of Paradise.

8. In groups they assembled in places of their own, and began to philosophize on the ways of heaven and earth. And every one was sworn within himself to do no evil thing, but to find some more respectable way of serving Jehovih, than by going amongst the ignorant and depraved.

9. And they became habituated in their meetings, in three places in hada; p. 673 in Haractu, over Vind'yu, in Eta-shong, over Chine'ya, and in Hapsendi, over Egupt. And these became like great heavenly cities, because of the congregating of the angels of heaven, which continued for many years.

10. Now, finally, they resolved to organize each one of these three places with a distinct head, and to unite the three heads as one confederacy; and the whole to be dedicated to the service of Jehovih. Thus was founded the CONFEDERACY OF THE HOLY GHOST. And by acclamation, three angels were raised to the three capitals, namely: Kabalactes, of Horactu; Ennochissa, of Eta-shong; and Looeamong, of Hapsendi. And each and every one of the three took the title, SON OF THE HOLY GHOST. These three had all been Lords, and were high in grade.

11. Ennochissa selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Haptu, Vazista, Mira, Erasigi, Adamon, Amesh and Cacpa.

12. Kabalactes selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Li Wan, Amatar, Wenates, Howickam, Shong Tsee, Massaqactus and Enniseabab.

13. Looeamong selected seven angels, and gave them the rank of Lord, namely: Petubusetta, Rodi, Monulithens, Zitullia, Miriam, Zestes and Abarothmes.

14. Such, then, was the established confederacy, which was to play so great a part in the history of heaven and earth. And it differed from all other confederacies, because its members all professed to serve Jehovih. And it required of all its people an oath of allegiance to Jehovih, but under the name, Holy Ghost, for they denied His Person as such.

15. And God admonished them, saying: Though ye be wise in your own conceit, yet shall ye fail. For, having denied His Person, then will ye yourselves become the Person in the understanding of the multitude. And herein will ye, soon or late, come to grief.

16. But nevertheless, the confederacy heeded not the words of God. And God was grieved at heart, for Jehovih's sake.

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