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Chapter XI

1. AND now came earth and heaven into the a'ji'an forest of Aghanodis, and the pressure was upon all sides of the earth's vortex, even beyond Chinvat.

2. And the heavenly kingdoms were stirred up; and the nations of the earth were in trial.

3. In the great city of Paradise, heavenly seat of God, were the multitudes of angels, the thousands of millions made to look upward, outward, to know the Almighty.

4. As a'ji driveth the weak angels of heaven to seek a lower field, so doth it on earth drive polluted nations to war and to avarice and to death.

5. When yet but the second shower of a dozen years had fallen, mortals in many nations of the earth rushed into war. And even the Faithists began to clamor for kings and standing armies, with great captains and generals, to lead them on to mortal dominion.

6. The Israelites made a mortal king, and by their behavior , said: Rather man than Jehovih. Behold, we will have the Lord with us to fight our battles!

7. And Baal, God of the idolaters, heard and saw, and gloried in the course; and he hastened to the scene with millions of his angel slaves to inspire the Israelites to glory in the Lord and God, whom he assumed to be.

8. And millions of the Israelites fell beneath his power and became his spiritual slaves. The others, still steadfast in the secret oral rites, remained true to the secret name and Person, Jehovih (E-O-Ih).

9. The which Ashtaroth saw; and, first time of all, after two thousand years friendship to Baal, she became jealous and filled with vengeful wrath.

10. She said: I see now how this traitorous God hath planned to beat me in the regions west of Heleste and Uropa. By the flesh of my thighs am I sworn, this thing shall not be! I will send a p. 672 hundred million warring angels down to Babylon and Tyre and Yedmon and Luce, and inspire their mortal kings to make war on the westward cities, the strongholds of Baal. And as to impoverished Egupt, I will send thither mortal armies sufficient to destroy everything in the land thereof.

11. Yea, I will send my legions also amongst the Israelites, and inspire them that I, Ashtaroth, am the only true Lord and true God. I will divide them up as a broken bundle of straw, and cast them to the four winds of heaven.

12. On the other hand, Baal said: Because of my success, I know Ashtaroth will be jealous and full of anger; therefore, I will place a standing army betwixt her heavens and mine; and if she but dare to molest me, I will send my millions against her heavens and despoil her utterly, that she may be cast in hell!

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