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Chapter IX

1. THE Lord said: Aside from the orderly kingdoms of God, there were seven false kingdoms in hada, ruled over by false Gods and false Goddesses. Chief of these were Baal, with four thousand million angel slaves; Ashtaroth, false Goddess, with three thousand million angel slaves; Hi'lizar, with three thousand million angel slaves; Sodonius, Goddess, with two million angel slaves, and then came Fue-Sin, Hrivatza. Beside these there were six hundred false Lords and Lordesses, who had occupied the mortal temples of worship, and the oracle temples.

2. But the latter were driven away from mortals by command of God, that they might be induced to seek resurrection.

3. And God foresaw that the travel of the earth would cause her to pass through an a'ji'an forest of four hundred years, and that darkness would be upon the lower heavens.

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4. And God sent down to the earth angel inspectors and numerators and recorders to prepare the record of mortals for the libraries of heaven. And there were of inspectors, four hundred thousand angels; of numerators, twelve thousand; and graders, ninety thousand; of recorders and scribes, forty thousand; and of bearers, six hundred thousand. Besides these were the messengers, heralds and musicians, of whom there were sixty thousand.

5. Such was the army sent down to the earth according to God's command. And they were in charge of Toyvraghah and Yulis and Hagonte and Rufus.

6. And God called up the great mathematicians, Yahimus, Menres, Fargawitha, Howitchkal, Jemima, Jordan, Molakka, Kossitus, Makkas and Agebon; and God said unto them:

7. The time of the fall of a'ji on the earth is at hand. Compute ye the regions of the earth where it will fall most; and having determined, go ye to the mortal prophets who are in su'is, and cause them to prophesy unto the inhabitants of the earth.

8. The mathematicians saluted and departed for the earth, as commanded of God.

9. Now when God foresaw that darkness was near at hand, for a period of four hundred years, he commanded his Holy Council and his heavenly kingdoms to pray to Jehovih for the space of one day, for wisdom and strength.

10. In answer to their prayers, there came a swift messenger from Lika, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih; he came from Takuspe, in the etherean worlds, in an etherean arrow-ship, with thirty thousands. His name was, Yotaportas, God of Eriasa, in the plains of Woo'Sin. And when he had come before the throne of God, duly saluting, he said:

11. In Jehovih's name I come, greeting by His Son, Lika. God said: In Jehovih's name I am blessed by thy presence, God of Eriasa, Nirvanian Host. What wouldst thou?

12. Yotaportas said: By command of Jehovih, through His exalted Son, thou shalt withdraw thine emissaries from the kingdoms of Baal and Ashtaroth, and from all kingdoms on the earth, whose mortals pay obedience to false Gods. A'ji of four hundred years will reign upon the earth and her heavens. It is so determined and provided by the Holy Etherean Dispensers of roads in Vragapathon. Of which matters I am sent to thee that thou mayest be duly provided therefor.

13. The time is also now at hand when the I'hins, the sacred people, the mound-builders, will cease to dwell on the earth. The darkness which is necessary to the earth will be too much for them. The heavens that have heretofore received their spirits shall be dissolved, and the plateaux thereof removed to the outer rim of the earth's vortex.

14. The Lords' reports showed there were at this time on the earth two million three hundred thousand I'hins. Of these, seven hundred thousand inhabited Egupt and western Arabin'ya; two hundred thousand inhabited Chine'ya, the Jaffeth of the ancients; and the balance, for the most part, inhabited North Guatama and toward Hon'ya-pan.

15. Such, then, were all that remained of a people that once covered over the whole earth, more than a thousand million of them.

16. God declared a day of recreation in honor of Yotaportas; and the angels of heaven had great rejoicing.

17. And on the day following, Yotaportas, with his hosts, departed for Eriasa, in etherea.

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